Genshin Impact Tighnari: New Genshin Impact Character Leak

Genshin Impact Tighnari: New Genshin Impact Character Leak
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Kiera Mills


15th Jun 2022 14:25

The Genshin Impact character Tighnari has been teased with leaks from reputable source UBatcha1 on Twitter. The leaker has had previous success in announcing new characters in Genshin Impact before their official launch, including most recently Yelan, the five-star Hydro character from the 2.7 update. For more information on Tighnari, his element and what this means for the 2.8 Genshin Impact update, read on.

Genshin Impact Tighnari

With the 2.7 update receiving success typical for Genshin Impact, fans are already speculating on which characters they will receive in the 2.8 patch.

Twitter user UBatcha1 has leaked that we can expect the Dendro character Tighnari next, a resident from the Sumeru region. Little is known about Sumeru and the Dendro element as of yet. Dendro is regarded as the plant element of Teyvat which is reactive when combined with Electro and has been slowly introduced in the Genshin Impact promo material.

Sumeru is also a mystery, with the Inazuma content wrapping up, developers HoYoverse have made it clear that they intend this to be the next major region for players to explore. Sumeru is home to the curious feline people that share certain physical traits to that of cats, dogs and sometimes foxes with features such as pointy ears and tails. Sumeru is regarded as a dangerous land, but also one of learning with the placement of the Sumeru Academia (of which Lisa studied at) and the worship of the Archon of wisdom.

Tighnari is said to be a bow wielder with a five-star rarity, due to be announced alongside two four-star characters for the next Character Banner Event. Collei is one of the four-star characters also named in these rumours. She is said to be arriving much sooner than previously thought. Although speculative, UBatcha1 has had a consistent track record of accurate leaks. Stay tuned for updated information on Tighnari.

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