Fortnite x 7-Eleven: Where to find the three hidden cars in Fortnite

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: Where to find the three hidden cars in Fortnite
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16th Aug 2023 17:10


7-Eleven-branded cars are rifting into Fortnite. Players willing to embark on a multi-step scavenger hunt to find the cars can enter a sweepstake to win impressive prizes, including a custom gaming chair and a statue with their Gamertag immortalised in Fortnite. This primer will walk you through where to find the three hidden cars in Fortnite and how to enter the Fortnite x 7-Eleven sweepstake and earn awesome prizes!

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: Car One

Finding Car One in Fortnite is tricky!
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You will find Car One on City Free for All - All Weapons, accessible with the Island Code 1008-1364-5412

City Free for All is a massive open island for players to explore and mess around with the Fortnite sandbox. When you spawn into City Free for All, you will find yourself surrounded by skyscrapers and all the vehicles and weapons you could ever imagine.

If you leave the city area and travel toward the centre of the island, you will eventually come across a SoFDeeZ ice cream shop perched up on some hills. Inside the SoftDeeZ, you will observe a mysterious box decorated with 7-Eleven's signature colours behind the counter.

Interact with the box, and you will teleport to a secret underground garage containing Car One! 

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: Car Two

Car Two is hidden away on Escape Island 3
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Car Two is hidden on Escape Island 3, an escape room-style experience accessible with the Island Code 1388-7413-4544.

Escape Island 3 consists of a series of islands made up of different puzzles. You must use the clues available to progress through the islands and breakout of Escape Island 3. If escape rooms aren't your strong suit, you can take solace in the fact that Car Two is only a few islands deep, so you won't have to rack your brain with puzzles and riddles for too long.

The first thing you see when you get to the third island is a gargoyle water fountain. To your left, there is a wooden cart with a key stashed in a compartment underneath it. Use the key to open the locked door to the building on the opposite side of the square.

Once inside the building, walk over the firewood stacked to the left of the fireplace, and you will fall into a secret cellar with Car Two parked in it!

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: Car Three

Finding the third 7-Eleven-branded car in Fortnite requires you to unlock a padlock on Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0
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Car Three is on Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0. To visit and look for the final 7-Eleven-branded car, use the Island Code 2232-9505-5391.

When you first load a game of Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0, you will have to vote for a map. There are three choices: The Mines, High Noon, and Pueblo Market. Car Three is stowed away on High Noon, so cast your vote for it if you want a chance to spot the car!

Inside High Noon, there are a few railway carriages parked on some railroad tracks. You will notice that both doors of one of the white-coloured railway carriages are locked with padlocks. Interact with the padlock on either side to fling open the door, revealing Car Three.

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: How to get to There Car Island

Combine the licence plate numbers to get the Island Code for There Car Island
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Once you uncover all three 7-Eleven-branded cars in Fortnite, you can combine the licence plate numbers to create a 12-digit Island Code for There Car Island. There Car Island is a secret Fortnite island inspired by 7-Eleven.

On There Car Island, Fortnite players can explore a handcrafted 7-Eleven store and gas station and discover several easter eggs. There Car Island serves as a virtual car meet in Fortnite — hosted by 7-Eleven!

If you want to skip the scavenger hunt and jump straight into the car meet, or just double-check your digits from Car One, Two, and Three, the Island Code for There Car Island is 6388-5980-7926.

Fortnite x 7-Eleven: How to enter the sweepstake and win prizes

Take a screenshot at the designated spot on There Car Island to enter the Fortnite x 7-Eleven sweepstake!
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To enter the 7- Eleven “There Car” Sweepstake, you must first take a trip to There Car Island and take a picture of your character alongside the 7-Eleven-branded cars lined up on the Island Map. Once you have a screenshot that fits the requirements, post the photo on Social. Follow @7Eleven on either X (formerly Twitter) or Instagram and post your image with the hashtags #ThereCar and #7ElevenSweepstake to officially enter the contest.

The first 2,000 people to successfully enter this sweepstake will receive a one-time use, $0.20 off per gallon fuel discount for up to 30 gallons at 7-Eleven-branded fuel stations or Speedway-branded fuel stations. A single Grand Prize winner will receive the following prizes:

  • A custom 7-Eleven-branded gaming chair
  • 7NOW® Delivery credits valued at $500
  • A custom Fortnite statue on the 7-Eleven map featuring the winner's Gamertag
  • 52 issuances of a $.50 off per gallon (for up to 30 gallons per use) fuel discount
  • A check for $6,200 that may be used to assist with the tax liability that comes from accepting the Grand Prize

Altogether, the Grand Prize for the sweepstake is valued at roughly $20,700. The winners will be drawn on or around September 8, 2023. If you're one of the lucky winners, you will receive a private message from @7Eleven on the Social platform you used to enter the contest.

Your last chance to enter the sweepstake is August 25, 2023, at 11:59pm ET

So, that's everything you need to know about the Fortnite x 7-Eleven crossover. Check out all the 7-Eleven-sponsored islands in Fortnite, search for hidden 7-Eleven-branded cars, and combine the licence plates together to get a 12-digit Island Code for There Car Island. Take a screenshot of yourself with the 7-Eleven-branded cars and make a Social Post on X or Instagram to enter the sweepstake and potentially win huge prizes!

All the islands in the Fortnite x 7-Eleven crossover were built using Fortnite Unreal Editor and Creative 2.0

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