How to unlock the Fortnite Adonis Creed skin

How to unlock the Fortnite Adonis Creed skin
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Daniel Hollis


28th Feb 2023 17:18

Crossovers and Fortnite come naturally at this point. It seems like no integration could shock us now, after having years of Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Rick & Morty, and dozens of other intellectual properties running around the map. The fact that the latest inclusion is an Adonis Creed skin to tie into the worldwide release of Creed III comes as no surprise.

With such an iconic character joining the fray, many are curious as to how you can get the skin in Fortnite. Whether it’s a case of awaiting its arrival in the item store or completing a set of challenges, fans are eager to do what it takes.

Luckily, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about how to unlock the Adonis Creed skin in Fortnite so you don’t have to.

How to unlock the Fortnite Adonis Creed skin

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As expected, the way to earn the Creed skin in Fortnite is by using the item store. It’s set to be made available on March 2, alongside the Heavy Bag Back Bling, the Knockout Pick Pickaxe, and a Target Training Emote. 

The Creed skin will also come with a Main Event and non-Main Even style. Each showcases variations of clothing, meaning you have two options to choose from depending on your mood. On top of this, a Bionic Creed skin is being added to the store, again, sporting two different options.

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On March 1, players can compete in the Fortnite Creed Cup, where the top point-earning players in your region can earn the ability to unlock the Creed skin a day early. Additionally, the Heavy Bag Back Bling will also be made available for those who compete and win. 

To participate, ensure you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your Epic Games account, alongside ensuring you’ve already hit Account Level 15 or higher.

After the Creed skin is made available in Fortnite, a set of Creed Quests will begin. By completing each of these, you also earn the option to unlock a unique Creed spray to use in-game.

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