How to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server

How to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server
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Coleman Hamstead


4th Jul 2023 16:28

Thanks to the Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord, friendly competition amongst mates has never been easier. The Fortnite Team has created a Fortnite Leaderboard bot for Discord that tracks stats and serves as concrete proof of who in the group truly has the most Victory Royales or eliminations. If this sounds interesting, keep reading to find out how to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server.

What is the Discord Fortnite Leaderboard capable of?

The Fortnite Leaderboard Discord bot tracks all sorts of stats.
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The Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord is a special bot that creates leaderboards for your Discord server(s) on a daily, weekly, and seasonal level. The idea of the Discord Fortnite Leaderboard is to create leaderboards that allow you and your friends to track your stats and compete for bragging rights.

The Discord Fortnite Leaderboard can track the following stats:

  • Victory Royales
  • Eliminations
  • Assists
  • Damage Dealt
  • Fish Caught
  • Distance Travelled

Furthermore, stats are tracked across the game's Battle Royale, Zero Build - Battle Royale, Ranked Battle Royale, and Ranked Zero Build playlists.

How to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server

Adding the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server is relativly easy if you follow instructions.
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Follow the instructions below to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server:

  • Use this link to get the Fortnite Leaderboard bot and authorise it for your Discord server.
  • In the Discord server, use the /help command to set up the bot and select the stats you want to appear on the leaderboard.
  • Link your Epic Games account with the bot.
  • Use the /create command to finish setting up the bot. You can create roles and timed posts to shout out the leaders of stat categories.
  • Play Fortnite and begin your journey to climb the Discord Fortnite Leaderboard!

If you don't have your own Discord server, you can always join an official Fortnite server. All official Fortnite Discord servers include the Fortnite Leaderboard bot. The bots in official servers display the stats of any and all users who connect their Epic account to it.

You can opt out of the Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord by typing the /settings command and selecting the option to "Switch Account".

That's all you need to know to add the Fortnite Leaderboard to your Discord server. Surprise your friends with the Fortnite Leaderboard bot and prove that you really are the best!

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