How to deal damage to opponents while the blood moon is out in Fortnite

How to deal damage to opponents while the blood moon is out in Fortnite
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18th Oct 2023 06:35

A blood moon takes on extra meaning during October, and thanks to Fortnitemares, you can now experience this phenomenon in Fortnite. It's said that the blood moon exudes evil, and one quest in particular tasks Fortnite players with committing some diabolical deeds while the blood moon is high in the sky. This primer explains how to complete one of the game's latest challenges to deal damage to opponents while the blood moon is out.

How to deal damage to opponents while the blood moon is out

Once you can confirm the blood moon is active, seek out opponents to deal damage to! Since you only have so long before the blood moon retreats and the sun rises, Team Rumble is the best game mode for attempting this Fortnitemares 2023 Quests. There is no short supply of enemies in Team Rumble, so you can easily deal 200 damage while the blood moon is out.

You will receive 15K XP for completing this challenge and be one step closer to unlocking all the exclusive Fortnitremares goodies.

It can be annoying trying to find a match where the blood moon is out, but once you do, hunt some foes and inflict as much damage as you can to complete one of the more tedious Fortnitemares 2023 Quests.

When does the blood moon appear in Fortnite?

The blood moon in Fortnite
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You can spot the blood moon in Fortnite, but only at night during Fortnitemares. If you look up in the sky while it's dark and dreary, you can usually see the blood moon looming over the Island. Sometimes, the red-tinted moon will be blocked by clouds or the approaching Storm, but trust that it's there!

A full day/night cycle in Fortnite is about 18 minutes, with each hour corresponding to 45 seconds of real-time. What time it is when you join a match is all up to chance! The blood moon could be aloft when you leap from the Battle Bus, or it might not appear until later in the match when the sun sets.

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