Where to find & collect Candy in Fortnite

Where to find & collect Candy in Fortnite
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16th Oct 2023 16:30

Candy, a classic holiday treat, is back in Fortnite for a limited time as part of Fortnitemares 2023! As you'd expect, a number of the Halloween-themed challenges require Fortnite players to collect and consume Candy. So, if you have a sweet tooth that needs alleviating, this primer details where to find and collect Candy in the free-to-play battle royale from Epic Games.

Where to find and collect Candy in Fortnite

A map of where to find Candy Buckets in Fortnitemares 2023
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There are a few ways to find and collect Candy. The primary method of obtaining Candy in Fortnite is searching Candy Buckets. Candy Buckets are available at all the POIs on the Island, except for Kado Thorne's Strongholds: Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate, as well as Rumble Ruins. You can find additional Candy Buckets spread throughout the Grasslands, Farm, and Teal Foothills Biomes.

Alternatively, you can get Candy by going trick-or-treating! Ring doorbells across the Island, and you will receive Candy in honour of the holiday.

Lastly, defeating guards and bosses awards Candy, too! While you can't find Candy Buckets at Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, or Eclipsed Estate, you can visit these locations and confront Kado Thorne, the Diamonds Dealer, and the Hearts Dealer to get Candy. More Candy awaits at Slappy Shores, MEGA City and Rumble Ruins, courtesy of the Club Dealers, and you can find The Dealers at Forecast Towers.

All types of Candy in Fortnite

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There are four different types of Candy available during Fortnitemares 2023, and each kind offers a distinct benefit. Below are all the types of Candy you can find and what each type of Candy does:

  • Candy Corn: Heals ten Health
  • Jelly Beans: Heals ten Shield
  • Pepper Mints: Heals five Health and increases movement speed
  • Hop Drops: Heals five Health and lowers the gravity

Satisfy that sugar craving and collect Candy to complete all the Fortnitemares 2023 Quests!

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