How To Mark Enemies In Fortnite

How To Mark Enemies In Fortnite
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19th Jan 2023 11:26

If you're looking to complete your Weekly Quests in Fortnite Chapter 4, then you might want to know how to mark enemies. There are a couple of new quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 that require players to mark enemies - one even asks you to mark 10 in a single match. However, it's not totally clear how players can achieve this. Keep reading to learn how to mark enemies in Fortnite with ease.

How To Mark Enemies In Fortnite

Fortnite How To Mark Enemies
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The reason you might be confused about how to mark enemies in Fortnite is that the terminology is different from what most players are used to. Instead of saying that we have 'marked' an enemy, we will usually say that we have 'pinged' an enemy.

So, to mark an enemy in Fortnite, you must use the ping system. The ping system in Fortnite lets you mark items, players, and areas on the map for the rest of your squad to see. If you look at an enemy player while pressing the ping button, it will mark them.

It's possible to change the ping button in the settings menu. However, if you still have the default settings enabled, then you will need to press the middle mouse button while playing on PC. Those playing on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch can press the left d-pad button to achieve the same result.

How To Mark Enemies In Fortnite: Falcon Scout

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A quick way to mark lots of enemies quickly is to use the new Falcon Scout item that was recently added to Fortnite. This gadget is an exceptional tool for reconnaissance as it lets you soar high above the map and spot enemies from afar.

It's possible to mark enemies while using the Falcon Scout, too. Simply look towards an enemy while using the Falcon Scout and press the ping button. This will mark them on the screen for you and your teammates to see.

Now you know how to mark enemies in Fortnite

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