Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailers, gameplay & platforms

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailers, gameplay & platforms
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We're now starting to learn more about Machine Games' Indiana Jones, with the 2024 Xbox Developer Direct allowing us to check out gameplay, learn the full name of the game, and that it's set to come sometime in 2024.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle looks to be a globe-trotting, pulp adventure that takes the very best qualities from the original films and puts you in the shoes of Indy himself. If you want to know all the details about this upcoming adventure, you can check out everything we know below, from gameplay details to confirmed platforms.

Do we know when Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will launch?

We don't know the exact date, but Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was confirmed by Machine Games to be arriving in 2024.

As more details are revealed around its arrival, we'll update you accordingly right here.

Are there any trailers?

The first Indiana Jones trailer came in early 2021, where we got a 30-second teaser showcasing a desk with some books, a map, tools, and the famous hat and whip. It establishes that the game is set in 1937, putting us in the prime of his career, but it didn't say much else.

We had to wait three more years until the 2024 Xbox Developer Direct to learn more, when we finally got the full reveal trailer, which features some cutscenes and gameplay.

It started with a cutscene that showed Indy buried up to his head in sand, while a Nazi villain (presumably the main antagonist) goads him.

Cutting back and forth between gameplay and cutscenes, it showcases some movement and interactivity, such as using lights to see in dark crypts, or riding ziplines with the bullwhip.

What do we know about the gameplay or story?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is a first-person action-adventure game that's designed to "put you in the shoes of an iconic hero" according to Design Director Jens Andersson.

a temple in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
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The game will follow Indy on an adventure across the world on the hunt to uncover the mystery of the Golden Circle, where you will visit locations like Egypt, Thailand, Rome, and the Himalayas.

While primarily set in first-person, the game will switch to third-person during contextual moments, such as using a zipline, or during cutscenes.

Combat is also a big part of the experience, allowing you to dive right into the thick of it using your fists and whips to take down enemies, or take a quieter approach with stealth, allowing you to avoid conflict.

As you would expect, there will also be puzzles for you to solve so you can collect items or find alternate paths.

combat with the bull whip in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
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One of the most important tools at Indy's disposal is the bullwhip, which is used for traversal, combat, and puzzles - making it a key element of gameplay.

Like previous Machine Games titles, it will follow a linear structure, with a mix of story-based areas and winder landscapes that can be freely explored.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle platforms

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has been confirmed for Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms, where it will be available on Steam. 

It will also be playable on day one with Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud.

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