How to access Everywhere closed alpha

How to access Everywhere closed alpha
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22nd Sep 2023 14:58

The Everywhere Closed Alpha has been officially announced, and it's shaping up to be one of the more ambitious titles to come out in a while.

Everywhere is being created by Build a Rocket Boy, a studio formed by ex-Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies. The game looks to be doing a lot, and aims to be a creation platform similar to something like Fortnite - but with its own game inside the game called MindsEye.

It definitely looks interesting, but it remains to be seen whether it can live up to its premise. For now, you can check out more info about the Everywhere closed alpha below.

How to sign up for the closed alpha

Players can sign up now. There is currently no confirmed date for the alpha, but the studio promises it will arrive "soon".

You can sign up by heading to the Everywhere website and navigating to the closed alpha page. You'll then be prompted to create an account to apply for the alpha and reserve your username for when the game comes out.

A character walking through a park in Everywhere.
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You can also sign up as a builder for the game. Through the game's Builder Program, people can "receive invites to video game design programs" among other things.

Everywhere closed alpha gameplay details

A new trailer for Everywhere called "Time for a New World" was released with the announcement of the game's closed alpha. It features a look at various places you can visit in the game, as well as glimpses of the game's creator mode and more.

Everywhere looks to be similar to games like Roblox or Fortnite, which allow players to create their own custom games within the game itself. It has a huge open world for players to explore and edit - though how much players can customize remains to be seen. We haven't seen much gameplay beyond some brief editing and a few minigames.

Everywhere also has its own handcrafted experience within it called MindsEye. This is an AAA story-driven action adventure, and claims to be an epic blockbuster journey. It features government conspiracies, sinister technology, and futuristic weapons and vehicles for players to use.

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