How to get the Error Glove in Slap Battles

How to get the Error Glove in Slap Battles
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15th Mar 2023 13:32

We all love getting free rewards in games, and with the Error Glove in Slap Battles, you can get some extreme boosts to your slapping game.

Roblox Slap Battles is a game in which you slap other players with different gloves, which give you both passive and active buffs to your battles.

If you want to know how you can get an Error Glove in Slap Battles, stick around and we'll show you how.

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Slap Battles: How to get the Error Glove

Roblox Slap Battles
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To unlock the Error Glove in Slap Battles you'll first need to get at least 20,000 slaps. Yes, you need to slap other players 20,000 times in order to get the Error Glove.

You can make this a bit easier for yourself, by purchasing the 2x or 5x Slaps game passes. With the 2x game pass, you need to get 10,000 slaps, and with the 5x game pass, you only need to get 4,000 slaps. Regardless, there is a lot of grinding to do so you need to put some work in.

Also, this must be done in a public play area. VIP slaps do not count toward this total, so make sure you head into somewhere like the Normal Arena to get your slaps in.

Once you have gotten at least 20,000 slaps, head back to the lobby where all your unlocked gloves can be seen. Just to the left of the Normal Arena portal you should see a large Moai statue. Look behind it to and you will see the Error Glove. Grab it to unlock it with your 20,000 slaps.

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