Elemental Dungeons tier list (October 2023)

Elemental Dungeons tier list (October 2023)
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Amy Eastland


5th Oct 2023 14:55

If you want to know what the best elements are to use in Elemental Dungeons, make sure you keep reading for our Elemental Dungeons tier list. We let you know which elements are the best and the most powerful to help you clear out the dungeons efficiently.

Elemental Dungeons is a Roblox game that appeals to fans who like dungeon crawlers and roguelikes as players are thrown into a world where you have to explore dungeons and kill monsters. Once you’ve defeated a certain amount of monsters in the dungeon, you’ll eventually move on to killing a boss to complete the dungeon.

Here are the best Elements you can use in the game.

Elemental Dungeons tier list

Elemental Dungeons inventory
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What elements we put in each place is what worked for us and what we found to be the most successful. If these elements don’t work for you, that’s okay. You may get on better with an element that’s in the D tier and find it’s an S tier for you personally!




Angel, Reaper, Lightning


Ice, Dragon


Galaxy, Fire, Water





This is our tier list for all of the elements available in Elemental Dungeon. 

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How to unlock elements in Elemental Dungeon

Elemental Dungeons skill points
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If you find yourself struggling to get new elements in Elemental Dungeon, it could be because you aren’t having much luck in the dungeons you are running. In order to get new elements, you have to beat the boss of the dungeon, and then an Elemental Stone will activate, which gives you access to a brand new element to experiment with.

That’s everything you need to know about the best elements in Elemental Dungeon.

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