Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies: How To Get The Swarm Of Flies Incantation?

Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies: How To Get The Swarm Of Flies Incantation?
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The Elden Ring Swarm of Flies is an incantation found in the late game that is one of the more powerful spells players can use in the game. Elden Ring has more opportunities to use magic than any previous FromSoftware title, resulting in a number of strong spells that are found across the Forgotten Lands. The Elden Ring Swarm of Flies spell is one of these that players are seeking out, so if you want to know how to get it, read on. 

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Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies: What Does It Do?

Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies spell
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As an incantation, the Elden Ring Swarm of Flies spells requires 11 Faith, along with 16 Arcane before it can be used. Upon activation, the caster will release a swarm of blood flies ahead of them that attack nearby enemies, dealing damage and inducing blood loss. It can also be activated while moving, making it good while backing up from groups of enemies, and costs 14 FP per use. 

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Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies: How To Get It?

Elden Ring Swarm Of Flies location
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The Swarm of Flies spell can only be accessed toward the end of the game in the Mohgwyn Palace, which is an underground region below Caelid. You can see this area from the Siofra River Well, but you can't reach it until you find a teleporter at the Consecrated Snowfield, in the Mountaintops of the Giants. 


Activating this will teleport you to the Mohgwyn Palace, nearby to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road. Make your way to the swamp of blood, and hug the east rock wall travelling north until you get to a small cave. Inside, you can loot a dead body to earn the spell. 

That's our primer on the Elden Ring Swarm of Flies spell, and now you know where to find it and what it does when cast. 

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