Elden Ring Moonveil Katana: How To Find The Moonveil Katana

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana: How To Find The Moonveil Katana
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The Elden Ring Moonveil Katana is one of the best weapons in the game and a powerful cornerstone of any Intelligence and Dexterity build, making it essential if you have high stats in both those attributes. You can specialise in whichever direction you want over the course of Elden Ring by using different weapons and levelling stats, making your character your own. If you want to be a magical samurai of sorts, then check out how to get the Elden Ring Moonveil Katana. 

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana: What Does It Do?

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana
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The Elden Ring Moonveil is a unique katana that requires 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 23 Intelligence to wield. It scales primarily with Intelligence and Dexterity, along with Strength. Intelligence scales the best of the three stats, and allows it to do massive damage. You'll need Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade it, along with an Ancient Dragon Somber Smithing Stone to max it out. It's also the main weapon of our Elden Ring Samurai build due to its bleed effects and fast attack speed.

The unique skill of the Moonveil is called Transient Moonlight, which when activated, causes the player to sheathe the blade before pulling it out and slashing forward, which also causes a beam of magic energy to blast forward. You can use this as a light attack or strong attack, which changes the direction of the slash. Each slash also costs 15 FP.

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana: Where Is It?

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana location
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To find the Moonveil, you'll need to travel to the infamous region of Caelid, and track down the Gael Tunnel, which is located on the west side of the area. After making your way through the dungeon, you'll come across the Magma Wyrm boss, who you need to defeat to get the weapon to drop. 

That's our walkthrough of how to find the Elden Ring Moonveil Katana, and now you'll be able to earn the best katana in the game.

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