Elden Ring Magma Blade: How To Earn The Magma Blade

Elden Ring Magma Blade: How To Earn The Magma Blade
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25th Mar 2022 16:15

The Elden Ring Magma Blade is one of the best weapons in the game for players who like fire damage and is a great choice of sword for Strength builds. Elden Ring gives players the chance to try a variety of different weapons across the game, letting them specialise into whatever class and playstyle they want. So, for a walkthrough of how to find the Elden Ring Magma Blade, read on.

Elden Ring Magma Blade: What Does It Do?

Elden Ring Magma Blade
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The Magma Blade is a unique, curved sword that requires 9 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 16 Faith to wield. It scales with Strength, Faith, and Dexterity, with the former two scaling the best in terms of damage. The weapon's skill also scales with Faith, so this sword is fantastic for Faith-based builds. Upgrading the weapon requires Somber Smithing Stones, with one Ancient Dragon Somber Smithing Stone to reach the maximum.

The unique skill of the Magma Blade is called Magma Shower and costs 12 FP with each use. Upon using it, the player twirls around, slashing the blade while magma sprays out in every direction. You can also follow this up with another attack to continue the spin and deal more damage. 


Elden Ring Magma Blade: Where Is It?

Elden Ring Magma Blade
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The Elden Ring Magma Blade can be found in the Volcano Manor area, which is east of the Altus Plateau region. The sword is dropped by the Man-Serpents in the area. There are two of them which can drop it when killed, but there is an element of RNG, meaning you may have to kill them a few times before you can get it. 

The best way to find these Man-Serpents is to start from the Temple of Eiglay Lost Grace site in the Volcano Manor. From there, take the nearby elevator and then head toward the balcony ahead of you, before jumping over it. You should see some magma slugs along the route, but keep heading forward toward a building that should be on your right. You'll have to head through a broken window, take a right, and then come back outside to find the first Man-Serpent. The second one is nearby, as you'll need to take a staircase on the left, then follow the right side of the building. This should take you to a staircase leading downward where the second Man-Serpent is found.

That's our walkthrough of how to get your hands on the Elden Ring Magma Blade, and now you should be able to farm the Man-Serpents to earn one of the best Faith swords in the game.

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