What Is The eFootball Match Pass System?

What Is The eFootball Match Pass System?

Written by 

Jack Marsh


28th Jul 2021 18:07

The eFootball Match Pass System is essentially a season pass for eFootball, Konami's bombshell latest bombshell for the beautiful game reincarnated in pixel form. For years, FIFA has smacked its rival, Pro Evolution Soccer, across the chops, but eFootball's free-to-play model and PES engine could be here to finally take the crown. Especially when it comes to the eFootball Match Pass System.

Boasting a range of new features, such as eFootball crossplay adding to the core PES design, eFootball is on the radar. The bonus of not having to splash £60 on an annual basis may also appeal to long-time fans of FIFA, where the price tag often reflects updated squads, rather than massive in-game changes.

Instead, the free-to-play eFootball will continue to do the same adaptations to their game for no cost, with a focus on microtransactions to save players from taking quite a chunk out of their wallets.

One area where eFootball will look to give players a stylistic edge is through the Match Pass System, which will work akin to the battle or season passes seen in games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends

Normally working on a ten-week rotational subscription, the passes offer free rewards for all players who grind through the levels and many more additional features for those who choose to go premium.

eFootball Match Pass System Details

Without being fully revealed yet, we can pull some confirmed rewards for the eFootball Match Pass System from the released Road Map.

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As seen at the bottom of the image, the eFootball Match Pass System will contain in-game coins, alongside what appears to be Bronze/Silver/Gold upgrade-esque player cards. Akin to FIFA's Ultimate Team, these will likely be usable in the "unnamed" Team Building Mode.

The pass will also likely be littered with consumables throughout the entire eFootball experience, including Online Leagues and Local Matches. Features like boots, balls, anthems and more could also be available. 

eFootball will release in "fall" 2021, where the Match Pass System will likely come straight into effect. Whether it will rival FIFA is yet to be seen.