You can't play Diablo 4 offline, here's why

You can't play Diablo 4 offline, here's why
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Morgan Truder & Joshua Boyles


29th Nov 2023 12:02

Diablo 4 is one of the most popular games around, especially if you enjoy crawling through dungeons and finding loot - but many will be wondering if you can play the game offline. Traditionally, Diablo is played with pals in a party of up to four, but many will play it solo, taking on the hordes of enemies as a one-person wrecking machine.

Keep on reading below to find out why Diablo 4 cannot be played offline, despite the game lending itself well to playing alone.

Why can’t you play Diablo 4 offline?

Diablo 4 cannot be played offline because the game needs a constant internet connection to run. This is not ideal if the servers are down, or if like me your internet can be quite choppy.

Blizzard developed Diablo 4 as a live service game, with fresh updates and events constantly being released for players to enjoy, so always being online makes sense. What's more, Diablo 4 features plenty of MMO-like features, with other players appearing in your world naturally to squad up with.

It is a shame for anyone who doesn’t want to use those multiplayer features and play the game as a completely single-player experience. This is especially frustrating given all previous Diablo games have been playable in an offline mode - useful if you want to take the game on the go with your Steam Deck.

Offline play is unlikely to come soon

A boss in Diablo 4, which can't be played offline
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Sadly, while it's a clamoured feature from many players, it seems incredibly unlikely that Diablo 4 will ever be playable offline. With Blizzard leaning extremely hard into the live service element of the game, such as world events and the Battle Pass, it's hard to see the developer choosing to go back on its word.

However, if the studio does decide to surprise us and add an offline mode to Diablo 4, we'll be sure to update this article.

That is all you need to know about whether or not you can play Diablo 4 without an internet connection. If you are a big Diablo fan, then check out our Diablo 4 homepage where we cover what Campfires do as well as how you can check your playtime.

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