All Deadly Sins Retribution codes to redeem for free spins & XP boosts

All Deadly Sins Retribution codes to redeem for free spins & XP boosts
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For fans of Deadly Sins, Retribution is a dream game, and these codes can make it even better. Deadly Sins Retribution brings the fantasy anime and manga series to Roblox, allowing players to create their own characters and explore the world.

If you want to get a headstart in the game, boost your experience gains, or get more spins for chances at different races, here are the codes you need.

November 21 2023: We have updated our Deadly Sins Retribution codes guide for this month, with all the latest game codes available at the time of writing.

All active Deadly Sins Retribution codes

We have checked that these codes still work and do grant the bonuses, but they may expire over time so be sure to make use of them soon.

Code Reward
5leafclover Double experience boost
4leafclover 25 race & magic spins
3leafclover Stat reset
shrine 25 race & magic spins
immortality 25 race & magic spins
demonking 15 race & magic spins
demonkingsunday 15 race & magic spins
fairyrealmpatch2 15 race & magic spins
Skyline 15 race & magic spins
fairyreset 15 race & magic spins
fairyspins 15 race & magic spins
fairyrealmpatch1 15 race & magic spins
fairyexp Double experience boost
fairyrealm 15 race & magic spins
fraudrin 15 race & magic spins

How to redeem Deadly Sins Retribution codes

The customisation menu where you input codes in Deadly Sins Retribution
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Now that you have the codes, you need to know how to use them. If you have played many other Roblox games, you might find Deadly Sins Retribution a bit confusing. The method for entering codes is very different here from other games, so let us explain.

  • First, launch the game to the menu and select Customise
  • Click the Race & Magic button
  • Click on the 'Enter Code' text box in the lower left, then input any active code and press Enter

That is it for our list of Deadly Sins Retribution codes. For more, head to our Roblox homepage where you can find codes for games like Haze Piece, Blade Ball, and Peroxide.

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