Cursed To Golf Achievements List

Cursed To Golf Achievements List
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19th Aug 2022 13:04

If you're wondering what all the Cursed to Golf achievements are while you're working your way through 18 holes in purgatory, then thankfully we've got you covered. Cursed to Golf is a rather unique approach to the rogue-like genre, where the player is tasked with surviving an increasingly difficult and devilish set of courses, all while trying to stay under par. So, for a full list of the Cursed to Golf achievements, make sure to keep on reading down below.

Cursed To Golf Achievements

Cursed to Golf Achievements list
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While there aren't a huge amount of achievements in Cursed to Golf - and some of them you will naturally acquire as you progress through the game, they will still offer a significant challenge to those wanting to grab them all. Here's a full list of the Cursed to Golf achievements:


  • The GOAT? - Player dies and passes three club tutorial
  • You're on your own - Player passes the golf purgatory tutorial
  • The Scotsman - Beat the Scotsman boss fight
  • The Explorer - Beat the Explorer boss fight
  • The Greenskeeper - Beat the Greenskeeper boss fight
  • Front 9 - First time beating nine holes
  • Back 9 - Finished all 18
  • GOLD - Smash 50 gold idols
  • Eagle - Finish a hole in three shots
  • Birdie - Finish a hole in four shots
  • ACE! - Finish a hole in two shots
  • Hole in One - Finish a hole in one shot

As mentioned, achievements like Front 9 and Back 9 will naturally be picked up if you're able to power through the gruelling courses. However, the various achievements dedicated to finishing a level in as few shots as possible will only be reserved for the GOAT - the Golfer of All Time.

That rounds off this list of the Cursed to Golf achievements, so now you know everything you need to do to 100% the game. Make sure to stay tuned for more Cursed to Golf guides soon if you're fed up of going to Eterni-Tee and want to work your way out of golf purgatory.

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