How to check who has Counter-Strike 2 access

How to check who has Counter-Strike 2 access
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Harry Boulton


20th Jul 2023 17:21


Finding out how to check who has Counter-Strike 2 access is essential if you want to team up with the lucky few on your friends list who have been invited to the Limited Test.

Getting into Counter-Strike 2 right now is currently incredibly exclusive, but some people are finding it harder to actually play with their friends than getting an invite or access to the game in the first place.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to check which of your friends has access to CS2, so make sure to read on below to see all of the details you'll need.

How to see who has CS2 on your friends list

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Currently, the only way to check who has Counter-Strike 2 on your friends list is to head to the 'Friends that Play' section on Steam and see who is listed there.

For most players, this page will unfortunately be blank as none of their friends will likely have been given access, but if there is anyone waiting there, then make sure to message them and squad up in the beta for a teammate boost.

How to check if you have CS2 access

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All you need to do to check if you have access to Counter-Strike 2 is load up CS:GO, and an invitation should pop up once you reach the main menu. If everything is as it usually is when you reach the main menu, you unfortunately have not been granted entry to the Limited Test just yet.

Furthermore, Valve is only sending out invites in waves, so you should only check when a major update for CS2 has dropped, or when Valve has explicitly stated that another round of invites has been sent out.

Can you give friends invite codes for Counter-Strike 2?

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Unfortunately, you cannot give your friends access to Counter-Strike 2 via an invite code or any other means, as Valve is currently the only source that will grant entry to the game.

This is likely not going to change at all until the game reaches its full release, and at that point, the game will be free to play for everyone to enjoy.

It does seem like more people are finally getting into the Limited Test as more updates are released, so if you've got a friend who wants to jump on with you, they might hopefully be granted the golden ticket in the next wave of invites.

So, that's everything you need to know if you were wondering how to check who has Counter-Strike 2 access, and hopefully you'll have a friend that you can jump into the various maps with.

Make sure to check out our Counter-Strike homepage for all of the latest news and guides to help you climb up into Global Elite.

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