All items in Content Warning & what they do

All items in Content Warning & what they do
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Joshua Boyles


3rd Apr 2024 16:40

In theory, all you need to succeed in Content Warning is your trusty camera, but you’ll get a lot further if you purchase a few items to assist on your spooky adventures.

There are only a few items that you can currently buy in the game, and some are more helpful than others. However, if you’re serious about pulling in a boatload of views on SpookTube, then you’ll need to know what each of them does - and which ones to pick up first.

All items in Content Warning

There are 12 items in the Content Warning shop right now, each helping you out in slightly different ways:

Item Use Cost
Old Flashlight Basic light $20
Flare Slightly more powerful light than an Old Flashlight $40
Modern Flashlight Slightly more powerful light than a Flare $150
Long Flashlight Slightly more powerful light than a Modern Flashlight $200
Modern Flashlight Pro Slightly more powerful light than a Long Flashlight $500
Long Flashlight Pro Slightly more powerful light than a Modern Flashlight Pro $600
Hugger Heals you $100
Defibrilator Revives you once $300
Boom Mic Improves audio quality of recordings, increasing number of views $100
Clapper Adds production value to your recordings, increasing number of views $100
Goo Ball Briefly stuns Monsters $150
Shock Stick Stuns Monsters for a bit longer than the Goo Ball $400

As you can see, there are distinct categories of items that are all familiar to each other. For example, there are six different flashlight-type items to light up the darkened Old World. 

However, you’ll find that the Long Flashlight Pro is leaps and bounds better than the basic Old Flashlight you start out with. To compensate, it costs a boatload more money, so you’ll need to complete several runs and save up a tad before you’re able to afford one.

Some items, like the Boom Mic and the Clapper, solely exist to help boost the quality of the videos you record. These will earn you more views in the long run, helping you to delve deeper and buy more expensive items with the revenue gained.

Lastly, there are healing and defensive items. The Hugger and Defibrillator will help you stay alive as long as possible while exploring the Old World.

Meanwhile, the Goo Ball and Shock Stick can help to fend off the monsters that try to attack you. It’s impossible to be aggressive in Content Warning, as you’re intended to be a bystander at all times. Instead, fending them off with some basic equipment is all you can settle for.

Which items should you buy first?

This image shows what Content Warning is like with no items equipped - scary, huh?
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These are the items that I think you should always buy first when playing Content Warning:

  • Boom Mic
  • Clapper
  • Modern Flashlight
  • Goo Ball

Firstly, it always makes sense to pick up a Boom Mic and a Clapper as these will naturally increase the quality of your videos, which in turn brings in more views and more money. As such, if you pick these items up first, they always provide a huge return on investment, letting you save up more money more quickly for the pricier items in the shop.

The next item to look out for is the Modern Flashlight. Yes, it’s not the best Flashlight available in the game, but it is the best bang for your buck. At $150, it’s a quarter of the price of the best light you can buy, while doing a decent enough job of lighting the way in the early stages of Content Warning.

If you’re struggling to see with the Modern Flashlight, you can always make the jump up to the Long Flashlight, which is just $50 more expensive.

Lastly, there’s the Goo Ball. You never quite know what you’re going to encounter down in the Old World, which is why it pays to carry a Goo Ball with you just in case. If you find yourself caught off-guard by a Monster, hit it with one of these and it’ll buy you some time to escape. After all, if you don’t escape with the footage, how are you going to upload it and get paid?

Of course, your mileage may vary with these items. These four work for me, but feel free to experiment with your loadout!

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