Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Release Date

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Release Date
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Tarran Stockton


12th Jan 2023 13:07

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 release date is soon upon us as the game is essentially rebooting for the new year, meaning players will get a lot of new content and changes to discover. Call of Duty Mobile lets players take the COD experience on the go, allowing them to experience the traditional versus multiplayer and the battle royale fun of Warzone.

Like the mainline game, it takes a seasonal approach to content, so if you need to know when the latest one hits, check out our explainer of the Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 release date.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Release Date

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Release Date
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Call of Duty Mobile Season 1, subtitled Reawakening, has been confirmed to be releasing on January 18 at midnight GMT (4 pm PST/7 pm EST/2 pm CEST), meaning players only have a week to wait as of writing.

The new season brings a lot of fresh content, which is fully highlighted in the patch notes on the Call of Duty website, but we'll provide a quick rundown of what's set to come. Firstly, there's obviously a new battle pass with both free and premium tiers for players to work through. This features a range of Operator skins, weapon blueprints, camos, and much more.

Multiplayer is also getting some new ways to play, starting with the brand-new Big Head Blizzard mode, where you essentially deal damage to grow your head and turn into a bobblehead. Super Attack of the Undead is returning with updated character models, additional abilities for infected and survivors, additional map support, and a Lunar New Year theme. Nuketown has also received a fresh coat of paint, featuring aesthetics that represent the Year of the Rabbit.

The battle royale map has an additional two POIs to explore: Ecology Lab and T-3 Refinery. These provide new looting opportunities, fresh combat encounters, and new mechanics, such as an updraft cylinder to help you escape the refinery quickly.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Release Date
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For the cosmetic heads, there's a new Mythic version of the DL Q33 weapon called Lotus Flames. The draws for this upcoming season feature Zodiac-themed Operators, while seasonal challenges and events allow you to get special Zodiac weapons. And finally, the battle pass vault has been updated with content from the Winter War, letting you earn previously missed content.

That's all for our coverage of the Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 release date, and now you know when it's set to launch, along with what content is on its way.

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