Is Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?

Is Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?
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20th Mar 2023 14:40

With so many fruits to consider in Blox Fruits, players can easily wonder if the Smoke Fruit is good to use. So, let's get into this guide answering the question "is the Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?" for this popular Roblox game.

Is Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?

is smoke fruit blox fruits good
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If you're a new player, the Smoke Fruit is a very good Devil Fruit to use in Blox Fruits. Whilst enemy resistance to Elemental fruits like this makes the Smoke Fruit difficult to use in the 2nd or 3rd Sea, it is fantastic to use in the early stages of the game in the 1st Sea.

The Smoke Fruit is a versatile fruit with four different moves that can unlock for you. 

  1. Smoke Blast: Slash opponents with a shot smoke cloud (unlocked at Mastery 20). 
  2. Smoke Bomber: Fly and drop damage-inflicting projectiles on your foes (unlocked at Mastery 10). 
  3. Smoke Liberation: An area-of-effect (AOE) that makes a smoke tornado attack, being good for crowd control (unlocked at Mastery 50). 
  4. Smoke Slam: More of a basic attack, this move smashes your smoke-turned hand into the ground (Unlocked at Master 1).

So, altogether, the Smoke Fruit is definitely good in Blox Fruits, but mostly if used in the 1st Sea by new players. 

That's all you need to know from our guide answering "is Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?". For more information and player tips, check out the Blox Fruits Trello and Discord links. Alternatively, you can find out how to trade in Blox Fruits as well. 

For even more Roblox guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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