What are the best accessories in Blox Fruits?

What are the best accessories in Blox Fruits?
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Finding the best accessories in Roblox's Blox Fruits is key to becoming as powerful as possible, as they offer you very useful bonuses, such as extra damage, HP, and movement speed. 

Blox Fruits is inspired by the One Piece anime and manga, where you can navigate multiple oceans to find islands full of quests and treasure. On your journey, you'll find tonnes of accessories, but it's worth making sure you have the very best ones available to you in the game

Best accessories in Blox Fruits

Some of the best accessories you can get in Blox Fruits are the Pilot Helmet, Valkyrie Helmet, Hunter Cape, Swan Glasses, and Pale Scarf.

These all have their own particular benefits that are applied to your character, so check out a full breakdown of them all below.

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Pilot Helmet

  • +130% Movement Speed
  • +10% Fast Health Regeneration
  • +250 Health
  • +250 Energy

The Pilot Helmet is a rare accessory that can be gained by defeating the Stone Boss in the Port Town area, which is located in the Third Sea.

Its biggest strength is that it gives you the highest buff to movement speed in the game, while the health regen is also a quality addition for sustain. 

Valkyrie Helmet

  • 600 Energy
  • 600 Health
  • +15% Sword Damage

This legendary accessory is one of the best for sword users, providing you with a powerful buff to sword damage that can really make a difference in fights.

You will need to kill one of the Elite Pirates in the Third Sea to obtain this. The massive health and energy buffs also round it off to make it a must-have. 

Hunter Cape

  • +750 Health
  • +10% Melee/Sword/Gun Damage
  • +80% Movement Speed

The Hunter Cape is a rare item that is dropped randomly when killing one of the Elite Pirates in the Third Sea location. If you struggle with HP in fights, this gives you the massive boost you'll need to make it out alive.

Swan Glasses

  • +250 Health
  • +250 Energy
  • +8% Damage
  • +8% Damage After Being Attacked
  • -8% Cooldown On All Moves
  • +25% Movement Speed

The Swan Glasses are a legendary item that can be earned by defeating the Don Swan Boss at the Kingdom of Rose, located in the Third Sea.

It has a tiny 2.5% chance to drop, making it incredibly hard to acquire. But due to its range of buffs, it's absolutely worth seeking out. 

Pale Scarf

  • +2 Observation Dodges
  • +15% Blox Fruit/Sword Damage
  • 10x Observation Vision Range

The Pale Scarf is a legendary item that can be gained after defeating the Cake Prince Boss or the Dough King Boss on the Sea of Treats island in the Third Sea.

This is a standout item for PvP battles due to the combination of buffs to Blox Fruit and Sword Damage and the increasing vision. 

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Now that you know the best accessories in Blox Fruits, check out the spawn locations, how to trade in Blox Fruits, or how to get Superhuman, which allows you to massively increase your power. 

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