All Bellwright trailers, gameplay & early access details

All Bellwright trailers, gameplay & early access details
Images via Donkey Crew

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Harry Boulton


1st Dec 2023 11:12


Bellwright is one of the most anticipated survival games out there, and we've got all of the latest trailers, gameplay, and early access details you'll need to stay in the loop.

Developed by Donkey Crew, this PC exclusive lets you see how well you'd fare in the medieval wilderness, throwing you into a vast open world and leaving you to sort out your own settlements and fight for survival within the game.

What is Bellwright?

As we've said, Bellwright is a survival game set within the medieval period, and your activities will largely be split up into four categories: Building, surviving, alliances, and secrets.

Image of a structure being built in Bellwright
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As is the case with most survival titles, building is a key part of your character's ability to stay alive and continue playing, so it will arguably be your main focus when playing. You can gather resources to build new settlements and infrastructure, letting you expand your tribe and cater to all of their needs.

You're certainly not alone in the world of Bellwright though, as there are plenty of threats both alive and environmental that will endanger your tribe. Take on combat to protect what you have built, and prepare for the worst as the harsh realities of medieval life can often spell despair.

You can make things easier by forming alliances with fellow factions though, as that can allow you to trade resources and play to each other's strengths as you both struggle to survive.

There are even secrets to find within the world of Bellwright, unlocking new technologies that give you the edge and help progress your settlements - but it is up to you to seek them out on your travels.

Are there any Bellwright trailers?

There are two main trailers for Bellwright so far, with the first being the launch trailer that revealed the game to the world.

This is only a short teaser of what's to come, but it shows the gorgeous medieval forests that you can explore alongside the various settlements and battles that you can partake in.

Bellwright was also featured in the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted 2023 showcase, giving players a more extensive look at what's to come.

For me, it reminds me a lot of Mount & Blade with survival elements, so it's definitely one that I'll be keeping my eyes on ahead of its launch.

Will Bellwright feature early access?

Bellwright will launch into an early access period in December 2024, giving players the chance to try it out as the developers work on the finishing touches of the game.

It's not known as of yet how much of the game will be available within this build, however, nor do we have any information regarding a full launch - but we will let you know as soon as further details are revealed in the future.

Make sure to stay tuned if you're excited about Bellwright as we'll have the latest info here waiting for you - but we've got more on the biggest new games on our dedicated releases homepage. You can find out more about games like The Day Before, so waste no time and check it out.

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