Avowed: Gameplay details, trailers & everything we know

Avowed: Gameplay details, trailers & everything we know
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Emma Hill


9th Aug 2023 14:34

It's been a while since Avowed was first announced back in 2020 with a teaser trailer but finally, Obsidian Entertainment revealed more details on the title at the Xbox Games Showcase.

With official gameplay and a first look at the spells, weapons, monsters and the Living Lands world we can expect to explore, it's safe to say the excitement for Avowed is at an all-time high.

Not only that, the devs announced the release window for Avowed, so we finally know when we'll be able to get our hands on the game.

Is there an Avowed release date?

Avowed Axe and spell
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Currently, there is no release date for Avowed, but during the Xbox Games showcase in 2023, it was revealed that the official release window for Avowed is 2024.

While we don't have an exact release date from Obsidian Entertainment just yet, at least we know roughly when Avowed will be launching.

Avowed trailers & gameplay

There are two official Avowed trailers at the time of writing. The first shows a CGI clip lasts just over a minute and paints a shadowy picture of a fantastical world of legends, magic, and monsters. As the viewer follows a burning arrow that is shot from the high walls of a castle, they are transported across the land of Eora.

We learn from the narrator that Eora is a land forged from a war that turned "heroes into queens and kings and decimated our foes". However, over time, Eora has lost its way and the sins of the people have spawned terrifying monsters which hide in the shadows.

The second trailer was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase and gave us our first full look at Avowed, showing us the game's expansive and fantastical world.

By the looks of it, players will have access to countless powerful spells and weapons. With magic that can send a fireball towards a foe, and even one that can encase an enemy in ice, it's safe to say players will have plenty of options when it comes to combat.

We also saw some of the monsters and enemies we can expect to encounter during the adventure through the Living Lands, including a terrifying bear, skeletal warriors, and a giant.

Avowed bear
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As the players, it's revealed we have access to a tremendous amount of power and we've been sent to investigate rumours of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything.

However, based on the narration during the trailer, it looks like the residents of the Living Lands are unsure whether to trust us just yet.

While not a trailer, the fifth episode of the Obsidian 20th Anniversary documentary told us a little bit more about the game, including its beginnings in early development as a coop RPG before becoming more single-player focused.

While there are a lot of comparisons to Skyrim from the gameplay we've seen, the video explains that Avowed is the developers' interpretation of a first-person RPG, and not just a reskin of the Elder Scrolls series.

The studio Head of Development, Justin Britch, also spoke on the game, claiming, "with Avowed, we focus on a lot of unique and bespoke content, deep systems, and incredible storytelling focused on characters, societies, and factions".

He also went on to say that "Avowed is the natural extension of all the things [Obsidian] care about a studio, of all the things we are great at".

Is Avowed set in the Pillars Of Eternity universe?

key art for Pillars of Eternity, which features the same world as Avowed
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Avowed should be an exciting prospect for fans of Obsidian's successful Pillars of Eternity franchise, as the game will be a spin-off set in the same universe.

For those who aren't familiar with Pillars Of Eternity, the first game came out in 2015 and is a CRPG set in the magical land of Eora. The story centres around the protagonist, who discovers that they are a "Watcher" and can see the past lives of others and interact with souls.

Is Avowed an Xbox console exclusive?

As Obsidian is now a first-party developer for Xbox, Avowed will be an exclusive for the Xbox Series X|S and PC, where it will likely be available on both Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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