Apex Legends: What Is The Anvil Receiver In Season 15?

Apex Legends: What Is The Anvil Receiver In Season 15?

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Liam Ho


4th Nov 2022 16:14

Are you wondering what the Anvil Receiver is in Apex Legends? Apex Legends has to be one of the absolute monoliths of the battle royale gaming genre. From its meteoric rise in February 2019 almost taking down Fortnite, Apex Legends has remained at the forefront of the genre with consistent updates from devs who clearly care about the game. Apex blends both battle royale with hero shooter, offering various legends from season to season, keeping the game fresh and strategies coming. Alongside the introduction of new legends/characters, Apex throws new maps, weapons, and skins into the mix making the worth coming back to.

Apex Legends Loadout System: Anvil Receiver

One of Apex’s most distinctive features is its loadout system. Most weapons in Apex come without any forms of attachments, and players will need to find their own weapon modifications to increase their firepower. From sights to barrel modifications, all attachments in Apex can significantly upgrade weapons to a higher form. One of these modifications is not like the other, and can drastically change the way a weapon is played and used.

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What are Hop-Ups?

Hop-ups exist in Apex as a bit of an oddity. Sometimes they make the weapon better like the Turbocharger for the Havoc and Devotion, while some of them feel absolutely pointless like Double Tap Trigger for the Eva 8 and G7 Scout. It’s worth noting that Hop-ups can only be equipped on certain weapons, and therefore can only be used in certain situations.

Anvil Receiver in Season 15

The Anvil Receiver Hop Up is used on assault rifles, aka the R301-Carbine and the VK-47 Flatline. This hop-up allows you to toggle the firing mode to semi-automatic while increasing the damage dealt per bullet by a hefty chunk.

On paper, this sounds like a useful hop-up, but in reality, there’s just no way this form of firing is superior to a fully automatic rifle. Due to the fast pace nature of Apex, with players ziplining, floating, teleporting and sliding around the place, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to land consistent shot after shot to down someone. That’s why fully automatic firing is far superior, as you’ll be able to clip players while they’re moving and focus fire them down as a team.

Another downside is that the Anvil Receiver is a gold-tier hop-up, meaning that it’s rather hard to find on the ground. Pairing this with the fact that Season 15 has 3 other gold tier hop-ups available means there’s no real way to guarantee to pick this up.

However, the Anvil Receiver does allow both weapons to operate at further distances. As the recoil of guns in Apex can be quite hefty, it’s hard to land consistent hits on an enemy when they’re further away from you. But with the Anvil Receiver, players can toggle fire modes to swap to single fire and be able to chip away at enemies from afar. This is considerably useful when trying to level up your Evo shields.

Anvil Receiver Damage Example

Here's an example of the Flatline without the Anvil Receiver:

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Now here's the Flatline's damage with the Anvil Receiver equipped and toggled on:

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On a stationary target, it's much easier to hit, but versus moving targets, the Anvil Receiver will struggle much more.

Should You Use The Anvil Receiver?

Overall, the Anvil Receiver isn’t the most fantastic hop-up in Season 15 of Apex Legends. It’s a neat little attachment to have but it’s highly unlikely to make or break a match for you. That being said, it only really adds to the sheer versatility of both the rifles it can attach to, meaning that it’s never a bad thing to pick up if you find one in your matches.

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Liam is a freelance writer from Sydney, Australia. He currently writes for GGRecon, Blitz UNSW and works as a team leader at Summoner’s Society OCE. He is addicted to MMOs, mainly Final Fantasy XIV.

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