How to unlock raids in Anime Champions Simulator

How to unlock raids in Anime Champions Simulator
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6th Oct 2023 13:52

Anime Champions Simulator raids are tough challenges that await you in this Roblox auto-battler where you control teams of anime characters to take down enemies. We'll show you how you can unlock them for yourself in the game using this guide.

In Anime Champions Simulator, you'll be the leader of a group of anime characters, many of which come from popular anime franchises like Dragon Ball Z or One Piece. It's up to you to command them in battle and take down everything in your path.

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How do you unlock raids in Anime Champions Simulator?

Unlocking raids in Anime Champions Simulator is pretty simple when you know how, but it might take some time to get there.

You need to reach the Ninja Village world, then head to the Raids area and repair the portal there. It requires a total of 200,000 coins to repair, so you'll have to defeat lots of enemies beforehand to increase the amount of coins you have.

Once you have enough, head to the broken portal and click to repair it. Now that it's fixed you can use it to transport to raids whenever you want.

And that's it for our raids guide for Anime Champions Simulator. Now you'll be able to take on these tough challenges in the game and potentially earn some rare skins.

What are raids in Anime Champions Simulator?

Sending a character to battle in Anime Champions Simulator.
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Raids in Anime Champion Simulator are a challenging mode that will test your abilities. You'll be using your squad of characters to fight a series of enemies.

By doing so, you can get some sweet rewards like daily chests for your troubles. You can get all kinds of rewards, including skins and accessories - though some items have a very low drop rate, so you'll need to do lots of raids to unlock everything.

You can even get rarer skins if you play enough, but you'll have to be pretty determined to unlock them since they don't show up very often.

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