All Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies

All Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies
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14th Nov 2023 09:52


You may want to know about all the Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, as these powerful add-ons are a crucial part of your customisable loadout.

In MW3's Zombies mode, Field Upgrades are a bit different and unusual compared to the standard multiplayer modes in the game. So, keep on reading below to know all about the Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies.

All Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies

There are currently six Field Upgrades to use in Zombies:

Energy Mine

mw3 zombies energy mine
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The Energy Mine is the first Field Upgrade that will be available to use in Zombies. It sets off an explosive that does some good damage to enemies in its near vicinity. As an initial Field Upgrade, this is quite useful as you get adjusted to the game mode. This has a medium recharge rate when used.

Frenzied Guard

MW3 Frenzied Guard
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The Frenzied Guard is unlocked at Level 9. It fully repairs your armour, but the downside is that the enemies around you will target you for 10 seconds. However, killing enemies will repair your armour during this time. It has a slow recharge rate.

Healing Aura

MW3 Zombies Healing Aura
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The Healing Aura is unlocked at level 19 and will heal all players, including your teammates and those who are downed but alive. This is really suitable for those who play with a squad. Although it has a slow recharge rate, it's still a useful one to have.

Frost Blast

mw3 zombies frost blast
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The Frost Blast Field Upgrade is unlocked at level 29 and lets out an initial freeze blast that is deadly to enemies nearby and slows those who enter the affected area. This will be useful if zombies are swarming you. It has a medium recharge rate.

Aether Shroud

mw3 zombies aether shroud
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The Aether Shroud Field Upgrade is available at level 39 and makes you invisible to enemies. If you're clearing out strongholds or Aether Nests, then this one could be quite useful. This also has a medium recharge rate.

Tesla Storm

mw3 zombies tesla storm
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The final Field Upgrade is Tesla Storm, which is unlocked at level 50. This is quite unique, as activating it will create lightning for 10 seconds that will connect you with other players and damage all the enemies around those who are connected. Though it has a slow recharge rate, it is a spectacle to use, especially if you have a full squad.

Best Field Upgrades to Use in MW3 Zombies

The Frenzied Guard, Healing Aura and Aether Shroud are the best ones to use currently.

With the Frenzied Guard, you'll be able to repair your armour while also taking down enemies in the process, perfect for those who want to wreak havoc. This would also be very useful in boss fights. The Healing Aura will heal you immediately when you're in a bad state and can help you escape if you're swarmed. The Aether Shroud is great both as a solo and squad player, as it takes out a bunch of enemies quickly.

If you're playing with five others in a Zombies session, then it's recommended that each of the six players take different Field Upgrades so that they can be used properly in any kind of situation.

So, that's everything you need to know about the Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies. We also have guides on the Scorcher Wonder Weapon, along with the Aether Storm, Orcus Boss and more, right here on GGRecon.

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