MW3 Zombies Aether storm, Orcus boss, contracts, & Exfil explained

MW3 Zombies Aether storm, Orcus boss, contracts, & Exfil explained
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With Call of Duty: MW3 out worldwide, players will be swarming to play the much beloved Zombies mode since it is being included in the Modern Warfare series for the first time properly. There are a lot of new and crucial features in the game that make the gameplay certainly interesting.

So, keep on reading below as we break down all the details on the Aether storm, Orcus boss, Contracts, and Exfil in MW3 Zombies.

What is the Aether Storm in MW3 Zombies?

The Aether Storm is a hazardous purple storm that is present in specific locations on the MW3 map. To locate an Aether storm, head over the map and look for a purple Biohazard symbol over an area. That's where the Aether storm is located.

MW3 Aether Storm Map Location
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The area covered by the Aether storm is filled with more powerful zombies and bosses like Stormcaller.

MW3 Aether Storm
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Over time, the Aether storm will start to spread over the map, including Exfil locations. Whenever it spreads to an Exfil location, that specific one will be unusable

What is the Orcus boss in MW3 Zombies?

MW3 Orcus boss
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The Orcus Boss is a huge and powerful Aether worm boss you will encounter during the Act 3 story mission in MW3 Zombies. This can only be done after you've completed all the Act 3 missions.

The Orcus is very large, and as such, defeating it with a squad is recommended. You'll need to have the best weapons and perks in order to defeat the Orcus.

Many players, including streamers, have encountered the boss, and it seems defeating it with a squad takes around two to three minutes.

How to find and complete contracts in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Contracts
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Just like Warzone DMZ, the Zombies mode also has contracts all over the map. These are varied, as some will tell you to deliver cargo, secure areas, or neutralize threats.

In some of these contracts, you may also encounter human AI enemies with shields and powerful weapons.

How to exfil in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Exfil location
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Exfil in the Zombies mode is also similar to DMZ. You will have to go to the exfil locations on the map and call for a chopper. You may encounter Zombies when you're waiting for the Chopper, so be aware of them. As mentioned before, the Aether storm can spread to your Exfil location and make them unusable.

If you intend to explore the full 45 minutes given to you on the Zombies map, you will then have 15 minutes to exfil from the location. During those final 15 minutes, the Aether storm will also start closing in on you as well as the Zombies, so it is pivotal that you exfil during that time limit.

So, that is everything you need to know about the Aether storm, Orcus boss, Contracts, and Exfil in MW3 Zombies. We also have guides on the Week 1 challenges along with the game's achievements and trophies.

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