Aliens Dark Descent release date, trailers, gameplay & more

Aliens Dark Descent release date, trailers, gameplay & more
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Tarran Stockton


28th Apr 2023 11:45

The Alien franchise has seen many different adaptions over the years, and Aliens Dark Descent is the latest gaming entry to be revealed, releasing this summer. 

We first got news of Aliens Dark Descent at Summer Game Fest 2022, where it had a lengthy CGI trailer before giving us a flash of gameplay. From what we've seen since then, the game looks more action-focused, similar to Aliens: Fireteam Elite but with a more atmospheric vibe and a top-down perspective reminiscent of the Alien Breed series.

If you're looking for all there is to know about Aliens Dark Descent, here's our breakdown of the release date, trailers, gameplay, and more. 

Aliens Dark Descent release date 

key art of the Aliens Dark Descent pre-order bonus
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We know now the Aliens Dark Descent release date, with it confirmed to be launching on June 20, 2023, meaning the initial 2023 release window will remain correct. 

The game also has some pre-order bonuses for people looking to purchase it prior to release. You can earn the Lethe Recon Pack, which features a Black Armour set and a Unique Feline companion. 

Aliens Dark Descent trailers

The reveal trailer came at Summer Game Fest 2022, showing mostly CGI scenes of the iconic marines fighting Xenomorphs while falling back as they become overwhelmed. We also got a small glimpse of gameplay toward the end, revealing the top-down perspective. 

The next big look at the game came with the gameplay trailer in March 2023. This featured one of the developers commenting over two minutes of real gameplay, showing off the various environments, real-time combat, and marine customisation.

Toward the end of April, the Aliens Dark Descent pre-order trailer was released, which displayed a mix of gameplay and cutscenes from the story. This gave a much clearer view of the game's story, which will follow a group of marines (led by you) exploring an overrun moon base and ending the Xenomorph outbreak. 

Aliens Dark Descent gameplay

Aliens Dark Descent is confirmed to be a real-time tactical action game, which draws some inspiration from the X-COM series. The game is played from a top-down perspective, where you can issue commands and orders to your squad of marines in real-time, or use a mechanic that slows down time.

The game will feature large, open levels that can be explored freely as you follow the main story or complete optional side missions. You can also permanently alter the level by welding certain doors shut, or using saws to open others, which can open or close shortcuts for the rest of the experience.  

a promotional image of Aliens Dark Descent gameplay
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Each marine will be unique and have its own class archetype, allowing you to customise their looks and equipment as the game goes on. An important feature is also permadeath, meaning a marine stays dead if they are defeated during combat. 

On top of managing your marine's health and equipment, you have to keep on top of their stress, which can manifest in negative traits that increase their chance to miss or make them act irrationally, for example. This makes management of your squad, and general resource management, a key part of the game.

Aliens Dark Descent platforms

Aliens Dark Descent is set to come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC for a multi-platform release.

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