All new pets in Adopt Me! Halloween 2023 update

All new pets in Adopt Me! Halloween 2023 update
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Dani Cross


9th Oct 2023 17:35

Adopt Me! has a big Halloween event for 2023, and it comes with a bunch of exciting new pets for players to get.

In this guide we'll show you all the new pets and how much they'll cost you. We've also included a section on how to unlock the Candy you'll need to get these new pets.

So if you're keen on grabbing these spooky new creatures in the game, keep reading!

All new pets in Adopt Me! (Halloween 2023)

A Ghost pet in Adopt Me!
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Adopt Me! has a total of 4 new pets available in the Halloween event for 2023.

Here's a full list of all the new pets in Adopt Me!, as well as how much Candy or Robux you'll need to purchase them. The easiest to get is the Ghost, but some like the Nightmare Owl and Vampire Dragon will be quite a bit tougher to obtain.

Pet Cost
Ghost 3500 Candy
Undead Elk 25000 Candy
Nightmare Owl 75000 Candy
Vampire Dragon 1000 Robux

How to get Halloween pets in Adopt Me!

A dragon pet in Adopt Me!
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Now that you know what all the new pets are in the Halloween update, you'll probably want to know how to get the Candy you need to unlock them.

We've got a full guide on how to get Candy in Adopt Me!'s 2023 Halloween event, but in short, you'll need to win a mini-game to get some. If you complete the Tile Skip mini-game you'll get 3000 Candy, which you can then spend on certain pets.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the Vampire Dragon is paying for it with Robux, so you won't be able to unlock that one with Candy.

Check out our Roblox homepage for more guides. Additionally, you can check out these Peroxide codes to see some more free rewards on offer.

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