Zombies players find new way to break 12-year Easter egg

Zombies players find new way to break 12-year Easter egg

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Jack Marsh


6th Mar 2023 15:18

The Call of Duty Easter egg quests still stand the test of time, as players continue to find golden nuggets that Treyarch has left behind in their legacy.

Since the inception of Zombies, Treyarch has built upon its main aether storylines with a number of side missions and puzzles, some of which have been as menial as getting a cool soundtrack in the background of your game. Others are more complicated like blowing up the moon, and in retaliation, Earth.

Even though some of the first Easter eggs were released over a decade ago, Call of Duty players are just now finding new ways to complete them. 

Old Zombies Easter eggs are finally getting cracked

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Not long after a four-year-old Black Ops 4 Easter egg was discovered, Treyarch devs opened up about their secret "impossible" quest that was eight years in the making too. The archives have been dredged again, as one player has gone back to Ascension and found a new way to complete the main Easter egg.

Ascension players will remember completing the Rocket Launch to access the Pack-a-Punch machine, but what not all players knew was that you could then halt the space probe by blowing up the aircraft. 

The Easter egg had been found when the Zombies Chronicles pack arrived, rather than in the Black Ops 1 variation of the game, but back then, players would blow it up using the infamous Ray Gun.

Zombies players find a new way to complete 12-year-old Ascension Easter egg 

Reddit user, u/Nicky_G_873, has found that you can actually blow up the rocket with a well-placed grenade.  The user found that you could initiate the launch sequence and run through the map to eventually grenade the rocket and combust its engines. 

The new method has shocked many of the Zombies faithful, who can now collect the hidden Drop (Insta Kill etc.) with ease. It's easier than having a race against time and getting trapped in the corridors.

"Wow this is a much easier way to do it. Great find," said one fan. Another said, "Normally I don't bother exploding unless I happen to have the raygun, this is great."

With Treyarch already going "all in" on Zombies in 2024, there's likely to be many more Easter eggs to find in the future, but it's cool that not all of them that have been left behind have been solved...yet.

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