An Incredible Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Egg Has Been Found Four Years Later

An Incredible Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Egg Has Been Found Four Years Later

Written by 

Jack Marsh


28th Dec 2022 13:07

Four years after its release and Black Ops 4 still persists as a fan favourite within the Call of Duty community, not for its futuristic nonsensical gameplay, but rather for its Zombies experience. 

Despite the BO4 Zombies experience being rather indifferent from the rest of the series, originally putting fans off the game mode that had built a notorious following, over the years it has pulled back fans with a string of DLCs and Easter Eggs.

Now, as Black Ops 4 fades away from the memory of multiplayer fans, the Zombies community remains strong, and they're even finding brand-new Easter Eggs left behind by Treyarch.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Egg Found Four Years Later

Back in Voyage of Despair, the Zombies map set on HMS Titanic (also looks like Hijacked on steroids), there was an Easter Egg unearthed that played homage to another British pop culture film: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The hidden quest would see a skeleton driving a flying car around the dead-riddled Titanic scrappage, which also later was found to be part of a shield upgrade rather than a cheesy visual gimmick. Now though, players have found that there's much more to this Egg, and you can, in fact, ride with the skeleton in the passenger seat. 

The Twitter user, "shiversoftdev" found the Easter Egg after learning of a way to combine both this quest with another that will give you a wonder weapon. By performing the two Easter Eggs together, Bones will pick you up and chauffer you around the air until his joy ride is over.

Fans Applaud Treyarch For Incredible Easter Eggs In Zombies Maps

Treyarch has been renowned for its Easter Egg hunts, in Zombies especially. Their month-long Warzone map reveal was just one mainstream way for Treyarch to show off their skills, but long-time Zombies fans will remember the incredible Samantha Maxis story in Moon, Die Eisendrach's Power Bows, and the Coffin Dance meme in Die Maschine.

After the most recent Easter Egg took four years to find, fans have now applauded Treyarch's diligence in the franchise. "This is why Treyarch is the best they actually put time into sh*t." one fan said on Twitter. Another added, "Treyarch are godlike". 

It begs the question, how many more Easter Eggs have been added to Call of Duty Zombies games and maps over the years that have gone undiscovered? And, when, if ever, will they be discovered?

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