CoD Fans Want Treyarch To Reveal ‘Impossible’ Easter Egg After Eight Years

CoD Fans Want Treyarch To Reveal ‘Impossible’ Easter Egg After Eight Years
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25th Jan 2023 16:43

Treyarch is the master of Easter eggs, and the Zombies experience has been its playground in the Call of Duty franchise - ever since devs experimented with hidden quests back in Kino Der Toten.

The simple musical rocks, powered by Element 115, opened an adrenaline rush in everyone's gameplay and jarred open the realms of possibilities in the franchise.

The Easter eggs have since grown to blowing up Earth, retaliating with the explosion that dismembered the Moon, adding the Coffin Dance meme in Die Maschine, and discovering the secrets of Alcatraz's demonic Warden.

But, not all of the Zombies Easter eggs have been found...

What Is Treyarch's Impossible Zombies Easter Egg?

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Jason Blundell is the mastermind behind many of Treyarch's successes, specifically the Zombies ones. Back on August 21, 2015, Blundell confirmed there's a secret Easter egg embedded in Black Ops 3.

More than this, Blundell believes is "impossible." Much like the recent Black Ops 4 Easter Egg that took four years to find, he expected the community never to crack it.

With references to maps such as Shadows of Evil and The Giant, Blundell claimed that the fan base will "never" break this cyphered Easter egg, after he became fed up with the community cracking the codes he left in maps gone by.

However, in an interview with Content Creator Jon "MrDalekJD" Hutchinson, Blundell said he might reveal the details behind the secret codes in "eight years" when we all have "beards".

Now, we're eight years down the line, and the Zombies community wants answers.

#ImpossibleEE Trends As Zombies Community Want Answers From Treyarch

Taking to Twitter, fans of the Zombies storyline have demanded that Blundell break his silence on the impossible Easter egg and begin to drop subtle hints.

With the thread going viral, players are campaigning with the hashtag "ImpossibleEE" in a bid to have some more clues.

One problem is that Blundell has left Treyarch, and with his exit, the impossible Easter egg might have just been blocked up for good.

The only previous hint given by the Easter egg Bunny is that the code was so well hidden, if players found clues that "look engineered", then they were looking in the wrong place.

Hopefully, this is the year when players can finally head back and uncover the hidden secrets lurking in the shadows of evil... 

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