xQc shares interest in signing The Guard's former VALORANT team

xQc shares interest in signing The Guard's former VALORANT team
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Sascha Heinisch


5th Sep 2023 16:45

The ongoing narrative of The Guard's VALORANT team has seen yet another development, with streamer Félix "xQc" Lengyel expressing interest in potentially acquiring the team.

While this could have been a significant shift in the esports landscape, there were practical challenges that seem to have hindered the process.

Considering the leap into esports team ownership

Popular Twitch streamer xQc, who has carved a niche for himself both as a prominent, yet controversial figure in the streaming community and previously in the esports world, recently shared his intentions regarding The Guard. 

"I was thinking about buying the Guard from VALORANT even though it's kind of expensive," he mentioned on his stream. 

However, the tight schedule ahead of the VCT appeared to be a significant roadblock. "I realized that we don't have enough time to set up the whole structure before [VCT] starts," xQc further added.

The streamer's consideration for the acquisition wasn't out of the blue. xQc has a history in professional esports, having played for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League's inaugural season as a tank. 

Later, he was signed with the Gladiators Legion, the academy team of the Overwatch League franchise, Los Angeles Gladiators. 

Coincidentally, there's an indirect connection between xQc and The Guard. Both the Los Angeles Gladiators and The Guard are owned by Stan and Josh Kroenke of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, who had recently signalled their departure from esports, laying off a large part of its staff.

Professionalism and Riot's Approval

For such an acquisition to materialise and be allowed to take hold of the Ascended slot, Riot Games' endorsement would be indispensable.

The gaming company has clear requirements about the professionalism they expect from their partners. They also reserve the right to deny participation in the VCT based on the qualifying organisation's ownership.

It stands to reason that a new organisation like xQc's would be under special scrutiny and might not meet the required threshold by the time the new ownership would have to be locked in.

As such, the search for a new owner for the Ascended slot continues. This week, a report surfaced revealing the interest of both FlyQuest and G2 Esports in signing the former Guard team. A resolution to the situation is expected soon.

Sascha Heinisch
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