Former the Guard players reportedly in contact with G2 and FlyQuest for VCT Americas slot

Former the Guard players reportedly in contact with G2 and FlyQuest for VCT Americas slot
Riot Games

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Sascha Heinisch


4th Sep 2023 14:30

The VALORANT esports scene is currently navigating a whirlwind of updates surrounding the Ascended slot winner, The Guard.

Internal shifts within the team, Riot Games' intervention to course-correct a contentious decision, and the apparent interest of esports titans G2 Esports and Flyquest mark the latest dramatic turns in this saga.

Riot reverses unpopular decision

In a responsive move, Riot Games offered a potential solution given that the contract status of the active players had changed.

The five victors, at the time signed to The Guard during the 2023 Ascension Americas tournament, have now been freed from their contractual obligations, releasing them to free-agent status.

The change is said to grant them the latitude to scout for new teams or introduce an appropriate organization for the coveted Ascended slot.

In response to the announcement, Leo Faria, the public face of Riot's VALORANT esports, stated, "We moved too fast when making the original decision... I’m glad we have a chance to right this wrong and let the players play."

Reported shift within the Guard

Internally, there's reportedly been some movement already prior to Riot’s initial decision not to grant a slot to the Guard players.

As esports journalist and industry insider, George Geddes reported, some of the starters for the Guard were already sourcing their options with other VCT competitors.

"The Guard players do NOT plan on staying together for #VCT 2024. Changes were coming to the team PRIOR to Riot's decision," he shared via Twitter, hinting at possible shifts and re-alignments in the near future.

Former Guard freelancers attract interest

On cue, the scenario attracted the attention of two major players in the esports industry. Both G2 Esports and Flyquest have reportedly set their sights on The Guard’s now available players, as suggested by industry insider @Lembo006.

Yet, with Geddes' insights and Riot's recent overtures, unanswered questions remain on the specific details of the agreement between VCT and the former The Guard players. Specifically, required number of players needed to be able to claim the spot and find a new organisation has become a point of interest for the VALORANT community.

Results of the negotiations between interested parties, the Guard, and Riot are expected soon, as the new VCT season is currently in its planning stage, with future involvement of another organisation presumably soon having to be finalized. 

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