xQc Is Already Breaking Overwatch 2

xQc Is Already Breaking Overwatch 2
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27th Apr 2022 14:23

Overwatch 2 is finally here, in beta capacity at least, and the old guard has flocked back to the title as if they never left, including Twitch dynamite and ex-professional Felix "xQc" Lengyel. Having often opted to not stream, or play, Overwatch in its decaying form, xQc has shared his excitement for the sequel, and just a mere few hours into the beta, he's already up to his usual antics.

Only a handful of players have yet to access the open beta, although Blizzard has been sure to gift the codes to the icons of the scene, resulting in many hopeful eyes turning to Twitch to see what Overwatch 2 has to offer. 

Pulling in over 100,000 viewers whilst he tries out a range of adapted heroes, as the sequel smashed the Twitch viewership figures of the first instalment, xQc spent little time in breaking the game and sharing his excitement over broken characters.

xQc Finds Gamebreaking Escape In Overwatch 2 map

Having already made himself comfortable in Rome, the remade version of the original map, xQc was operating on Mercy to assist his teammates on Push, getting to grips with the new gameplay.

As the enemy team begun to get on top, xQc was forced off the map, but instead of falling to his death, the popular streamer managed to bunny hop his way along a ledge to rotate to a safe part of the map, seemingly finding an exploit already.

The Overwatch 2 exploit is likely unintended, but it's not unlike xQc to think of a more savvy way out of trouble in the future.


xQc Stunned At How OP Bastion Is In Overwatch 2

Despite finding ways to already break Overwatch 2, xQc has also been stunned as to how broken one hero already is. 

Following the buffs to Bastion in his reworked kit, xQc was blown away whilst using him in the beta.

"What is this? What is this? Dude, I just tore through them," he shouted after picking up a double kill. "That was insane. It was like a paper shredder!", he continued.

Helping Overwatch pull in record numbers on Twitch, xQc has given a big thumbs up for the sequel after his first day on the beta, giving his fans a lot of hope that we will see him on the game much more in the future.


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