xQc Confirms 90-Day Twitch Subathon Is Coming

xQc Confirms 90-Day Twitch Subathon Is Coming
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Emma Hill


22nd Mar 2022 16:02

Twitch's most popular streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has announced that his long-awaited subathon is finally on the way. 

Canadian streamer, xQc, has slowly worked his way up to become Twitch's most popular streamers. Not only that, but he has gained a reputation for his angry rants which have landed him in hot water occasionally. However, one thing he became particularly renowned for was his incredibly long streams which can last between 9-12 hours a day. 

Now, xQc has revealed, after months of teasing, that he will finally be doing a subathon and he's even shared what he'll be doing throughout the long stream. 

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What Will xQc Be Doing During His Subathon?

During his Twitch livestream on March 21, xQc confirmed that he was "pulling the trigger" and setting up for his upcoming subathon, much to the excitement of his viewers. The 26-year-old is clearly well under way into setting up the event as he even gave a brief rundown as to what he has planned for his fans: "Just stuff like having a community server for Minecraft, GTA, Rust, community stuff like sub-games, mod games, sub contests, giveaways, viewers fighting for money. Stuff like that. Having mini-tournaments on the fly."

It seems xQc has epic plans for his subathon, that would even rival the king of subathons, Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren. The streamer claimed: "I want to run at least two or three big events per week. Like, one every two days, a big event, and then small events almost every other day." However, when asked how long the lengthy subathon will last, xQc stated: "I'm probably going to hard cap it at 90 days because anything above that is going to be really dumb. That's going to be the hard cap, for real. Otherwise, it will be too long."

When Is xQc's Subathon? 

xQc didn't state when the subathon will be taking place, but he did warn his fans there is still a lot of work to do to get it up and running: "It's kind of hard to organize because there's a lot of stuff to do. There's so much stuff to do for it, but it will be fun." Seeing how he has so many plans for the event over a lengthy period of time, xQc explained: "I need to get stuff set up one thing at a time so there will be never-ending content."

We've waited a long-time for xQc's highly-anticipated subathon. We may have to be patient for a little bit longer, but if everything goes to xQc's plan, it'll be well worth the wait. 

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Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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