XDefiant speed runs are showing why everyone loves this game

XDefiant speed runs are showing why everyone loves this game
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Jack Marsh


24th Apr 2023 09:35

Although the Closed Beta will soon be coming to an end, XDefiant has gone from strength to strength in its preliminary launch...despite some heavy server problems.

When online, players can't help but fall in love with Ubisoft's Call of Duty killer game, which boasts swift movement and snappy gunplay with little aim assist.

This has made for an interesting spectacle, as now players are using the movement mechanics to create speedruns, and fans appreciate it.

XDefiant Speed Runners are showcasing why this game is so loved

Already, fans are grinding the training lobbies in XDefiant to hone their movement and accuracy, and healthy competition has surfaced on social media with players speed-running the course.

So far, players are setting times just above the 20-second mark, where the sliding and jumping combined with clever speed-enhancing weapon attachments and shot accuracy are all pushed to the limit.

FPS players are now reminiscing over doing just this back in 2009 on Modern Warfare 2, when Captain Price would put players through the paces on the shooting course. Currently, XDefiant is getting more CoD nostalgia than CoD.

XDefiant's movement mechanics are winning players over

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Although quite a few clips of XDefiant have surfaced showing "cracked" players whiffing shots for the sake of meaningless 360s, the game is being refined by players, manipulating the slide cancel mechanics without activating the penalties.

After confirming that snaking and slide cancelling cannot be abused in XDefiant, the developers have also made it clear that avoiding campers was a clear intention when creating the movement, which is why the ability to go prone has not been added.

More tweaks to the movement have been promised, especially mid-air directional lunges, which will further enhance the experience and help create a truly competitive game.

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