XDefiant hates being called ‘CoD killer'

XDefiant hates being called ‘CoD killer'
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Alex Garton


26th Jun 2023 12:50

After failing to sustain a spot in the first-person shooter genre with Hyper Space, Ubisoft has returned to try again with XDefiant.

This time, the venture has been significantly more successful, with immensely popular closed and open beta periods receiving a huge amount of interest.

As you would expect, XDefiant has drawn the attention of a lot of the CoD community looking for a fresh FPS to push their skills to the limit. Popular content creators have also jumped into the action, leading some to argue that XDefiant is going to eclipse Call of Duty and steal their players,

Well, an Executive Producer on XDefiant has made it clear that they do not like their game being labelled as the 'CoD killer.'

XDefiant Producer doesn't like 'CoD killer' reputation

Taking to Twitter on June 23, Content Creator Ryan Alexander revealed that they have "been really enjoying the XDefiant Beta, It’s a lot of fun," but they wish "people would stop referring to this as the CoD killer tho."

In response, XDefiant's Executive Producer Mark Rubin simply replied with "me too," showing that the Ubisoft team is not keen on being constantly compared to Call of Duty.

It's obvious the devs are trying to create an entirely different experience which shares similarities with other popular shooters, but ultimately carves out its own niche in the space.

On top of that, as Call of Duty is such a massive legacy franchise, it's unlikely any FPS title will ever be the 'killer' that takes it down, so it's probably a frustrating comment to hear from the dev's perspective.

Why is XDefiant being called the CoD killer?

XDefiant weapon
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XDefiant's reputation as the 'CoD killer' has grown from a number of factors, with one of them being the popularity of the game and the number of content creators checking it out.

On top of that, XDefinant offers fast-paced gameplay, solid TTKs, and satisfying movement, which are all elements of Call of Duty that the community regularly complains about.

All of these strengths mean XDefiant has a real opportunity to make an impact in the FPS genre, but as for being the 'CoD killer,' it's clear that is not the goal of the devs and they're looking to take the game in their own direction.

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