XDefiant devs respond to 'bunny hop' criticism: 'we do intend to penalize players'

XDefiant devs respond to 'bunny hop' criticism: 'we do intend to penalize players'
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28th May 2024 10:54

XDefiant has done admirably to shake off the status quo for first-person shooters. Still, not every feature has gone down a treat, with movement being one criticism of the game which Ubisoft hasn't quite nailed - 'Bunny hopping' especially. 

If you've played XDefiant since launch you'll know just what a nuisance it can be, but the good news is that help is coming.

Aches says bunny hopping nerfs are coming to XDefiant

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Many of XDefiant's mould-breaking features like low Aim Assist and non-existent SBMM have made for a great title, but bunny hopping has not been a popular addition, and it has even been ramped up since the Beta.

But, ex-Call of Duty World Champion and now XDefiant developer Patrick "Aches" Price has now revealed that nerfs are planned, as Ubisoft will target the weapon spray spread when jumping consecutively.

"We do intend to penalize players for too many repeated jumps & crouches by adding aim sway," Aches said on Twitter (X).

Ubisoft is working to find the 'sweet spot' between skill gaps and abusive mechanics


The latest public play test introduced a feature where players would have a mix wider spread of bullets after each jump, and while Ubisoft wants to allow players to create skill gaps, spamming this feature should be penalised.

"This was disabled after our tests while we made some needed improvements and unfortunately did not make it in time for launch. But rest assured we will get this in as soon as possible," Aches continued.

"There’s a sweet spot between intended use and spam and we want to get that right."

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Said movement adjustments are set to be rolled out when Season 1 comes in roughly five weeks time.

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