XDefiant devs promise ‘a new map every month’ after launch

XDefiant devs promise ‘a new map every month’ after launch
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Jack Marsh


13th Jun 2023 17:35

If you thought that XDefiant, the upcoming "CoD Killer", would fizzle out after a few days and not stand a chance of surviving in the long run, you weren't alone.

In fact, it was the biggest scepticism about XDefiant. If it truly doesn't end Call of Duty and dethrone it, does it actually stand a chance of succeeding in the market? And to do that, longevity was key.

But it seems like XDefiant is planning to stick around for a damn long time, and the team has planned a wealth of post-launch content.

XDefiant promises 12 post-launch maps in Year One

With XDefiant's open beta planned for later in June, and a release date later this "summer," the FPS shooter has now revealed a year's worth of post-launch content.

Split into four seasons, the Year One content will see three new maps and three new weapons in each sector. Ubisoft Lead Designer Mark Rubin then confirmed that these would be spread out monthly, with a new map "every month" to keep the game fresh.

This post-launch content will add to the already-existing massive 14-map pool, and what has been widely dubbed as the most "ready" shooter title to release in years - with Ranked also being available from the get-go.

XDefiant fans blown away by Year One Roadmap

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Each season will also see a new "faction" be added to the game, which usually takes inspiration from other Ubisoft Projects like Watch Dogs Legion and Tom Clancy.

With the massive post-launch support announced, fans are now extremely excited, taking to Twitter to give Ubisoft their flowers. "This is going to be soooo fun! Can't wait to play this summer," said one fan, echoing many other like-minded comments. "Already has more than cod’s entire year of support," another added.

XDefiant appears to be doing everything right in a time where Call of Duty is doing everything wrong, and is even pursuing that you don't play CoD. Maybe it's time to start buying into the XDefiant hype after all.

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