Xbox fans gutted by Perfect Dark and Fable release rumours

Xbox fans gutted by Perfect Dark and Fable release rumours
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Joseph Kime


6th Mar 2023 09:43

For many, it has been far, far too long since we've heard anything about Perfect Dark. The original game might have flown under the radar for many, but it was a rip-roaring success when it launched on the Nintendo 64.

Back in 2000, Perfect Dark was a shining example of how Rare could take any genre under the sun and not only make it its own, but also make it damn good. Sadly, Rare has gone quiet on the originals front since being acquired by Xbox.

With Microsoft also being arguably strapped for original games beyond Starfield and Redfall, the time for them to crawl from the shadows would be great right about now. But, it doesn't look like Rare will be returning with the rebooted Perfect Dark any time soon.

Perfect Dark 'not close' to being finished

Xbox fans gutted after rumours Perfect Dark and Fable are ‘not close’
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According to a notable video games insider, the planned reboot of the Perfect Dark series isn't exactly going to plan, and it's bad news for fans who were hoping to touch the game any time soon.

Reporting on the VGC podcast, Andy Robinson spoke about the plans that Xbox has for its expected big summer showcase this summer. According to him, the reboot of Perfect Dark is "not close" to being finished. Great.

This is a little contradictory to last November's earnings call from co-developer Crystal Dynamics reporting that production on the game was "going extremely well," but regardless, it looks like we've got longer to wait for the game to appear if we're taking Robinson's word for it.

But that's not the only Xbox game that's going to be stuck in limbo for some time.

Fable is still 'miles away'

We guess Xbox is banking its original slate for another year, then. As if the news that Perfect Dark is some way off wasn't frustrating enough for Xbox fans, it has also been reported by Robinson that the newest, long-awaited entry into the Fable series is still 'miles off'.

It's a frustrating time to be an Xbox fan, and while the Game Pass wheel keeps turning, it's hard not to feel left out when looking at the other side of the river at PlayStation's exclusives. Hold fast, brothers.

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