Xbox boss wants to put Call of Duty on calculator consoles

Xbox boss wants to put Call of Duty on calculator consoles

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Jack Marsh


17th Mar 2023 16:53

While the last breaths of the Microsoft and Activision merger are being exhausted, the Xbox owners are looking far beyond the verdict and are already knee-deep in the future planning of the Call of Duty franchise.

The potentially soon-to-be CoD owners have outlined quite a few plans for how they’re changing the franchise, including pledging their commitment to the mobile genre after previous comments emerged about the app being "phased out".

They've even begun adding to the plethora of ways to play Call of Duty, having signed a preliminary ten-year deal with Nintendo to bring the shooter over to Switch, and now, they're eyeing up more ways to run the game.

Xbox boss jokes that Call of Duty is coming to Calculators

After signing another decade-long deal to bring Call of Duty to the Ukrainian streaming site Boosteroid, fans have now joked that more and more unique screens will be hosting the gun game.

With fans wondering what platform and gaming giant will be next to be lured to the green camp, players are throwing out their own suggestions. One of the jokes included a calculator, and Xbox Chief Phil Spencer loves the idea.

Calculators are becoming more advanced since the standard ones that we used to write 5318008 on upside down, but it's highly doubtful that one Pythagoras devotee will be able to pull this off.

Call of Duty will come to more platforms than ever before 

Microsoft's acquisition of the franchise has shown that it's devoted to bringing Call of Duty to more and more players around the globe. Having already secured more eyeballs following deals with Nintendo, NVIDIA, and Boosteroid, it's off to a flying start.

Spencer and co. also pledged to give Sony complete access to Call of Duty once the merger goes through, securing all of that audience too, unless they continue to actively "block" the merger

The plan is to make Call of Duty like Minecraft, where everyone, everywhere, can play the game. But PlayStation is playing hardball, and could actually be left out altogether at this rate.

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