Microsoft signs another ten-year Call of Duty deal

Microsoft signs another ten-year Call of Duty deal
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Jack Marsh


15th Mar 2023 17:20

In a bid to impress the overlooking regulators - and ahead of its potential acquisition - Microsoft has penned another ten-year deal for the Call of Duty franchise. 

Microsoft has been hard at work trying to grasp control of Activision Blizzard and its entities in recent weeks, as it enters crunch time for the developers to get their purchase over the line.

Along the way to doing so, Team Microsoft has started making long-term partnerships with many different tech giants to publish future Call of Duty games on more consoles than ever before.

A lucrative union with Nintendo was the big one, but now, Microsoft has bagged another.

Another ten-year Call of Duty deal signed by Microsoft

Having secured these decade-long deals with Nintendo and Nvidia to bring Call of Duty to the Switch (and whatever comes after) and mobiles, Microsoft has now agreed on a deal with the "leading Ukrainian software development team" Boosteroid.

Dubbed the "largest independent cloud gaming provider in the world," the deal will come into play once the acquisition goes through and will benefit over four million gamers in Ukraine.

The deal will allow Call of Duty to be streamed on Boosteroid, as well as their other titles like Bethesda's upcoming Starfield.

Call of Duty to become accessible to 150 million more players with ten-year deals

According to Microsoft, the combined outreach of its three new deals will add 150 million potential Call of Duty players to the market audience. More than this, the Xbox overlord plans to increase this number by "bringing people together."

Writing in a blog post, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said, "We believe in the power of games to bring people together. That’s why Xbox is committed to giving everyone more ways to play their favourite games, across devices.

"Bringing Xbox PC games to Boosteroid members, including Activision Blizzard titles such as ‘Call of Duty’ once the deal closes, is yet another step in realizing that vision."

The last deal to get over the line is one with Sony, although the infantile relationship between the Xbox and PlayStation owners will make this even murkier than it already was. It doesn't help when the two gaming giants are going to court over the issue. 

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