Activision doubles down on claims Sony wants to ‘block’ Microsoft merger

Activision doubles down on claims Sony wants to ‘block’ Microsoft merger

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Jack Marsh


16th Mar 2023 16:27

It's all getting a little bit sour in the console wars. For years, Sony has been the leader in the race for eyeballs and controller-wielding hands, but as Microsoft rallies and loos to bound over a new furlong, the competition is firing up and the milk is spilling over.

Microsoft's pending multi-billion dollar acquisition of Activision has really rubbed Sony up the wrong way, as the impact that Call of Duty could have on the market is being used as a way for the PlayStation developers to call for investigations into monopolisation.

But whether it be pure jealousy or simply a tactic to stop Microsoft's hail Mary move, Sony is seemingly trying to "block" the merger, and Activision executives have apparently caught the PlayStation owners red-handed.

Activision exec. claims Sony Chief is purposely "blocking" the merger

With Sony reportedly snubbing a ten-year deal to house Call of Duty, Activision executive Lulu Cheng Meservey has now stirred the pot by sharing some stark comments from PlayStation's side.

Meservey has claimed that Sony Chief Jim Ryan said, "I don't want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to block your merger", whilst the two parties met in Brussels.

Despite some discrepancies about the comments, though, Meservey has now doubled down and claimed that Ryan made this statement on a whim, while there were no footings to keep the comments quiet.

Activision exec doubles down on Jim Ryan comments and claims he was open to admitting it

Meservey has added that Ryan didn't say these comments behind closed doors and was open to making this statement in a public environment.

In a recent tweet, she claimed that there was no "gentleman's agreement" in place to prevent these quotes from going viral, and they were said outside of any "behind closed doors" meetings.

"Our side has not shared info from the hearing and doesn’t plan to. Even if people take Sony’s side of the issue, they should know we respect confidentiality," said Merservey.

Instead, Ryan's comments came on the "Same day, same place, but not part of the hearing or subject to any agreement on confidentiality, formal or informal."

With the toys out of the pram from Sony, the deal looks to be edging closer to completion, given that Microsoft has continued to secure strong deals to have its games on more platforms than ever before.

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