Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered an official Bomb Drone Killstreak that promises to change the battle royale game forever.

10:52, 13 Nov 2020

While attaching C4 to a drone has long been a highlight of Call of Duty: Warzone, players have now found a secret way to pull off a devastating Killstreak using this flying deathtrap. Back in the day, sticking a block of C4 on an RC-XD was the ultimate way to blow enemies to kingdom come from safety, however, strapping it to a Recon Drone has become the go-to way to take out the opposition in seemingly hard to reach areas. 

Importantly, the Bomb Drone Killstreak serves as a suitable replacement for the nerfed Foresight Killstreak which was a massively overpowered addition to Season 6. The Foresight Killstreak allowed players to predict the next circle and give them the drop on the opposition in terms of intel. It got a lot of buzz during the start of Season 6, but now, it seems the devs have hidden another OP Killstreak right in front of our faces. 


What is the Warzone Bomb Drone Killstreak?

So I found this new "Bomb Drone" in a red key card bunker during a private match today. from r/CODWarzone

Posting on Reddit, u/hefy123 shared the Call of Duty: Warzone Bomb Drone Killstreak - discovered in a red keycard bunker. Now, Infinity Ward has made it official. In the clip, the Bomb Drone is shown with a HUD including fuel gauge and notification when the C4 is armed. It's really as simple as flying a drone toward a target and letting it go off when the time is right.

This is easier said than done. You need to make sure your Bomb Drone is in range and isn't taken out along the way. Now that the Bomb Drone Killstreak is official, expect players to look to the skies to try and take them out whenever possible. Still, the Bomb Drone is a deadly addition to Warzone. Before you get too excited, it's currently limited to training and private matches. At least we know it's out there and is better than attaching C4 to a vehicle with sometimes unpredictable results. 



Can you make your own Bomb Drone?

Decided to give the C4 Drone strike a go, worked out beautifully! from r/CODWarzone

Even though homemade Bomb Drones have been a longstanding perk of Warzone, they take a lot of skill and communication between teammates. Earlier this year, Infinity War Art Director Joel Emslie marvelled at what he described as a "beautiful squad wipe" when a crudely constructed C4 drone took out a group to the swelling sound of Celine Dione's "My Heart Will Go On". 

As we head toward the new Call of Duty Cold War-themed season in Warzone, it's clear developers are rolling out the red carpet with new content, new locales, and brand new Killstreaks. It's a great sign that fan-created content has actually had an influence on the way the game works. 


Given that Bomb Drones are now legit, there are worries they could overtake Warzone. Despite Recon Drones having limited health, they're notoriously hard to down, meaning you could be blasted to pieces before you even know what's hit you. Here's hoping Bomb Drones remain hidden in bunkers and are a rare find that won't be used by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Now you know how to take over Verdansk with your C4 drone, why not give it a go?



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