Warzone Season 3: Standoff gulag, new locations, weapons, and operators

Warzone Season 3: Standoff gulag, new locations, weapons, and operators

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22nd Apr 2021 09:26


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 is here, and it's set to be the biggest update yet in terms of a whole barrage of new content following the nuking of Verdansk. From new locations to a warmly welcomed Gulag adaptation, we have you covered on everything you need to know about Warzone Season 3.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3
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New map locations

With the squad being whisked back in time to the 1980s, Verdansk as we know it is still in development. Many of the locations remain but with a Fanta fruit twist-up, being decorated in peace and love from the hippy disco-centric population.

However, some major landmarks in Verdansk have yet to be erected, such as Dam and even Verdansk Stadium, and thanks to some code-cracking, we've been able to pinpoint some brand-new changes. With a need for new content and a gaping hole in the POIs, the Warzone Season 3 new locations have been added to sprinkle a bit of spice onto a dated battlefield. 


Being added to the northern-most point of Verdansk is Summit - a Black Ops love child. The snow-capped database seen in each of Black Ops' multiplayer experience is now a POI above where Dam would have been located. The glacier landscape in the Northern hemisphere is now overlooked by a bridge too, connecting the likes of Military Base to Summit.


Superstore has been a fan-favourite for a year now, offering a helter-skelter full-throttle bloodbath straight off the rip. It now appears to have a sister too, with Factory coming in as another new Warzone location in the centre of Verdansk. Factory is a mere few footsteps from Superstore, adding to the population in the middle of the map.

Salt Mine

Verdansk's labourers have yet to meet modern technology in mining for oil, gems, or the rocks that are pelted at your head in the Gulag. Quarry has yet to make life easier for the working man, who is stuck in the ways of pickaxes and long days grinding away in the Salt Mine. 


Array has been the name of a POI in many forms in Black Ops history. Its first appearance stemmed in Black Ops 1 on multiplayer, before a different variant with the same name was added to Blackout. Now, Array has been added to Warzone too, in the west of the map. 

New-look Stadium

Stadium is still a construction site in 1980s Verdansk, with no tiers in the stands. With a low circular design and a worksite in the centre, Stadium is completely different from what it previously was.

New Warzone Map Locations
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Season 3 Gulag - Standoff

Praise be lord almighty, Captain Price, as the horrendous Nuketown Gulag is no more. Heading into Warzone Season 3, the Gulag is set to change again, although the cardboard-like action set theme is staying.

Rather than reverting back to the classical prison-style with Soviet criminals wagering on your death and bludgeoning rocks as you fight it out in the showers, the two last-chance warriors will now battle in another familiar setting.

The Season 3 Warzone Gulag is Standoff. The replica will celebrate the addition of one of the most adored maps in Call of Duty history, and will; be added underneath the bed of the 1980s Verdansk.

Warzone Season 3 Gulag - Standoff
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Season 3 Battlepass

As with a new season comes a new Battlepass. The season-long subscription gives a large range of skins, cosmetics, weapons, and blueprints, with exclusive tiers for owners and free-to-play players.

Here are the main coups in the Warzone Season 3 Battlepass.

Tier 0

By purchasing the Warzone Season 3 Battlepass you will instantly unlock the new operator Wraith and a new Woods Skin.

Tier 15

The first of the Season 3 exclusive weapons is available at tier 15, as the PPSh-41 SMG is unlocked for all players.

Tier 21

The “Vex Lord” Assault Rifle Blueprint comes at tier 21, being the first of many legendary blueprints.

Tier 27

This tier will unlock the “Gilded Rose” Shotgun Blueprint for the Hauer 77.

Tier 31

The second Season 3 exclusive weapon is available at tier 31. The Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle is set to rival the Kar98k as a speedy and hard-hitting quickscope haven.

Tier 55

Yet another blueprint is available, with the “Slow Death” LMG variant coming here.

Tier 95

Tier 95 will unlock the Ultra-Rarity “Loud Pipe” Reactive SMG Weapon Blueprint.

Tier 100

Completing the battle pass will grant players an amazing “White Queen” Wraith Skin alongside a “Roman Standard” Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Battlepass
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New season 3 guns and weapon balances 

Six New Weapons To Warzone Season 3

Treyarch has revealed that six new weapons will be added to both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone throughout Season 3, with half coming upon its launch and the other half coming in the mid-season event. 

PPSh-41: SMG (Launch Week)

The long-awaited SMG is finally making a comeback. Despite being from a timeline that would rather suit the upcoming WWII: Vanguard, the PPSh-41 will be a pleasant addition to long-time Call of Duty fans.

Swiss K31: Sniper Rifle (Launch Week)

Another Sniper is set to land into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, although it appears to be more of a challenger to the likes of the Kar98k and MK2 Carbine of Modern Warfare which resided in the Tactical Rifle category. Precision and Power is matched with speed here.

Ballistic Knife: Melee (Launch Week)

A Black Ops classic. The Ballistic Knife comes in its most deadly form yet, with an insanely quick reload time making it easier than ever to chain kills.

CARV.2: Tactical Rifle (In-Season)

This rifle will look familiar to those who remember the G11. As another burst-fire weapon, the CARV.2 will hit hard but won't excel in speed. Maybe one for the Warzone fanatics. 

AMP63: Pistol (In-Season)

Off the back of the uproar that occurred with the Sykov pistols, it appears that the devs don't give a hoot and love a bit of controversy. The AMP63 Pistol will be a full-auto maniac, although it is yet unclear as to whether Akimbo will be possible.

Baseball Bat: Melee (In-Season)

Step up Harley Quinn fanatics, as you'll be able to impersonate the wacky heroine in Warzone soon. Her choice of weapon, the Baseball bat, will be added mid-season.

Season 3 Weapon Balances: M16 And Aug Nerfed

Black Ops' multiplayer experience will see a range of new gunfights. As players look to level up their weapons to make them viable on Warzone, a range of weapons have been adjusted, including nerfs to both the M16 and AUG.

Assault Rifles

The main patches come with Assault Rifles, whose meta is shifting massively.

  • FARA 83
    • Minimum damage increased from 25 to 26
    • Maximum damage decreased from 33 to 31
    • Maximum damage range increased by 17%
    • Recoil pattern has been adjusted
  • Cold War AK-47
    • Recoil pattern has been adjusted
  • Groza
    • Recoil increased slightly
    • ADS speed decreased slightly
    • Upper torso damage multiplier changed from 1.3 to 1.1
  • Krig 6
    • Head damage multiplier changed from 1.4 to 1.5
    • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.3
    • Upper torso damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.1
    • Lower torso damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.1
  • QBZ-83
    • Move speed increased
    • ADS move speed increased
    • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.2
    • Upper torso damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.1
  • FFAR 1
    • ADS speed decreased slightly 
    • Upper torso damage multiplier changed from 1.1 to 1
    • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1.1 to 1
    • Maximum damage range decreased by 15%
    • Maximum damage decreased from 30 to 27

Submachine Guns

The SMG role is getting a mix-up, with the PPSH coming in. To rival the new contender, two SMGs have been buffed slightly.

  • Mac-10
    • Maximum damage decreased by 1
  • LC10
    • Bullet velocity increased slightly

Sniper Rifles

Only one sniper has been modified, keeping a well-balanced variety.

  • Pelington 703
    • ADS speed increased
    • Raise time increased slightly

Tactical Rifles

The Tactical Rifles have been modified to be harsher on those who are less accurate. The main difference is a lower multiplier to the neck, meaning headshots are harder to hit for those who spray and pray.

  • M16
    • Time between bursts increased by 10%
    • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1.8 to 1.1
  • Cold War AUG
    • Time between bursts increased by 33%
    • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1.8 to 1.3

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New Season 3 Guns And Weapon Balances 
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Season 3 - new operators

Over the past year, we've seen the many branches of Call of Duty intertwine like never before. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have joined forces under the Activision umbrella to collaborate on multiple crossovers between their individual sub-franchises and it appears this theme is continuing. Modern Warfare's finest agent is landing in Black Ops.

Captain Price is on his way - and he's bringing some badass allies.

Wraith: Warsaw Pact (Launch Week)

Kitted out with a sleek hairstyle that will send shivers down your spine, this new Warzone operator comes as an icy warrior of the Warsaw pact whose described as an "ex-Norwegian Intelligence Services alpine warfare specialist-turned-Perseus-agent". The blonde barbarian, Wraith, is unlockable through the Battlepass, with a demigoddess skin available at tier 100.

Captain Price: Warsaw Pact (Launch Week)

The bold and brass braveheart that is Captain Price is coming to Black Ops Cold War. Anybody who has purchased the full game will receive a Price skin from the eighties, unshaven and as unwavering as always. Charm and skill are Captin prices weapon of choice - oh, and his cigars.

Knight: Warsaw Pact (In-Season)

Following in the footsteps of the Nordic compatriot, Knight comes as a vulgar whose Irish heritage has seen him develop a habit of breaking rules and enforcing his own letter of the law. This new Warzone operator is Ned Stark look-a-like and may be a hitter for the Game of Thrones lovers. 

Antonov: Warsaw Pact (In-Season)

As a rogue ex-hitman, Antonov is distrusted by his superiors, landing himself in a role as a bomb defusal expert and hazmat worker. Who cares if he's caught as collateral damage? The pyrotechnic professional is often head to toe in radioactive gear.

Warzone Season 3 - New Operators
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