Angry Call of Duty players are uninstalling the battle royale favourite, as a new overpowered pistol is causing problems in Verdansk.

15:07, 19 Apr 2021

If stim glitches and clipping inside walls weren't enough to put you off parachuting into Verdansk, Call of Duty players are abandoning Warzone in their droves thanks to an overpowered pistol that's "ruining" battle royale behemoth. We've already covered how Modern Warfare's Sykov pistol has a broken loadout, but as it becomes increasingly popular and Raven Software fails to address complaints, players are uninstalling the game until the OP weapon is nerfed.

We're no stranger to popular weapons getting nerfed, and after the AUG and FFAR drama, we'd assumed the devs had learned their lesson. Unfortunately, the Sykov is still out there and causing trouble. To unlock the Sykov, players need to eliminate four enemies using pistols, across five different matches. This can easily be achieved in Modern Warfare multiplayer or Warzone's Plunder, meaning plenty of you are already adding it to your arsenal. 


Why are Call of Duty: Warzone players uninstalling the game?

With the Sykov looking like it will dominate the meta of the upcoming Warzone Season 3 overhaul, it's enough to make some uninstall the game until Raven Software addresses their complaints. At close range, the Sorokin 140mm auto barrel, 5mW laser, and 80-round drum magazine make the Sykov a force to be reckoned with. There's also an exploit when equipping the Sykov to Ghost and enabling the Akimbo perk. With 100% accuracy and zero recoils, it's one of the best weapons we've ever seen. 

Posting on Reddit, u/DefunctHunk explained why they've installed Warzone and cited the OP Sykov as the culprit. Saying the Sykov is even more broken than the iconic Diamatti loadout, they added, "This game is showing no signs of learning from its past mistakes. I'm done with waiting for the next nerf, etc so "things can get better again" because another broken gun just takes the place of the previous. Playing right now seems pointless and it's clear things aren't going to change. This game could be so good. It's such a shame".


The OP's comments were soon echoed by other disgruntled players. Another added, "I'm 14 days clean. We should get those AAA coins for this type of sh*t. I get my dose of WZ on Reddit tho". Someone else said, "I’ve switched to Apex Legends. Fast-paced, not a lot of hackers and guns get patched quicker", while a third concluded, "It’s so confusing to me lol, I was a big WZ player prior to the Bruen meta, after the Bruen meta I was like f**k this game, haven’t played since but still lurk here to see what’s going on. I don’t get how half of you still boot up every night lmao". 


Will players uninstalling Warzone affect Call of Duty?

Ultimately, a couple of disgruntled players probably won't affect the Warzone player base. Still, there are continued concerns that Raven Software is too busy rolling out cosmetics to actually listen to the players. We all remember the havoc the stim glitch caused and how long it took to be patched out - some claim it still rears its head. Any game has teething problems, but when hundreds of thousands of players are jumping into battle at any one time, issues are amplified.


Here's hoping devs are a little quicker off the mark with the Sykov and get it fixed before we lose even more players. Thankfully, the recent changes of turning players into zombies in radiation hot zones have lured a few backs. The upside of the Sykov is that it's handy for taking out zombies, which are arguably another OP addition to the map right now. With Season 3 just around the corner, there's also sure to be another uptick inactive players. Unfortunately, taking to Reddit and moaning about a "broken" Sykov probably isn't going to get you anywhere.



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