Warzone players think overpowered wonderweapons have ‘ruined’ Fortune’s Keep

Warzone players think overpowered wonderweapons have ‘ruined’ Fortune’s Keep
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Jack Marsh

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8th Feb 2024 17:35

There's probably a reason that wonderweapons have only ever been used in Call of Duty in Zombies game modes (and the occasional Campaign Easter egg).

Weapons like the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe are renowned for blasting the limbs off undead hordes, but when it comes to standard soldiers, they're not to be messed with.

That's the spirit in the recent Fortune's Keep map anyway, as the wonder weapons can be found and used, but many fans are against their involvement.

Fortune's Keep players find hidden Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe

After just a few hours on Fortune's Keep, its secrets have been unearthed, and players have completed the Easter eggs to get a hold of the Zombies wonderweapons.

Players can find a Ray Gun in a secret bunker underneath the keep (and can also have it spawn in loot caches if you're extremely lucky), and a wunderwaffe can be obtained by purging a Zombies nest.

Both guns are one-shot downs in Warzone, with the Ray Gun also having its usual splash damage radius which appears to be a two-shot kill.

Fortune's Keep is being 'ruined' by wonderweapons

Well, there's definitely a reason why they are called wonderweapons, and their power in the game isn't the problem, as if they are to be included, they need to be wonderful.

However, the argument is whether their inclusion in Warzone is right or wrong, and the jury is edging towards the fact that these guns should remain Zombies-exclusive.

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"They’ve ruined regular resurgence," one fan said on social media, adding, "Ranked is the only option."

Another tweeted, "I really do not want a Raygun with zombies in endgame Fortune's Keep, it [ruins] the whole vibe."

To add insult to injury, Zombies fans are fuming too, after a disappointing Season 2 for the mode, with Warzone getting more than it bargained for.

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